The Neglected Child

She’s our sister, let’s make her better!

A message to celebrate One World Week

Read: Matthew 22: 34-46

I would like to sing, but I wont’t. The song would be: He’s got the whole wide world in his hands, He’s got the whole world in his hands….

The world is like a new born child that a Father looks at in awesome wonder at the beginning of a great love story. It is a love from the beginning that has no ending! CONTINUE READING ...

It’s never too late

Dear Friends,

Its never too late

but earlier is better!

Luke 23: 42-43

I don’t know if you can still do it, but there was a time when, if you didnt have any money, you could make a reverse charge call to friends and family. They would be asked if they wanted to receive the call so had the option to say, “NO!” That would be like having the door slammed in your face when going to ask a neighbour for some help — and, possibly, the end of a relationship. CONTINUE READING ...

Is not this what I choose?

Dear Friends,

Is not this what I choose, to share your bread with the hungry

and bring the homeless poor into your house…”

Isaiah 58: 7

In 1990 there were 150,000 homeless people in the country and I was among those demanding Government action, but thirty years later the number has more than doubled. The number of homeless people is much worse than the figures tell us though and the solutions more complex than building new houses. CONTINUE READING ...

Trust someone else to remove the splinter

Dear Friends,

When you take away the plank from your eye

trust someone else to remove the splinter…

Matthew 7: 1-5

If you have ever removed a speck of something from someones eye you will know how careful and gentle you need to be. You will be trusted to hold the eyelid up and look inside to identify where the problem is so that you can gently brush it out with a finger. CONTINUE READING ...

Don’t pray for a miracle

Dear Friends,

Dont pray for a miracle —

Listen to the warnings!

Matthew 21: 33-46

Donald Trump said something that made me realise that we wouldnt need miracles if we did as we were told! He said the treatment he received for coronavirus was a miracle from God, but would he have needed such mighty intervention if he had listened to all the warnings? CONTINUE READING ...

Victims or Victors

Dear Friends,

Victims or victors:

who will inspire?

John 19: 28-30 and Luke 24: 1-8

However much we might want to we cant change history, but by telling some of the untold stories we can understand it differently and make a better future!

October is Black History Month and I am always inspired by the stories of people I had never heard of before — the hidden figures who have overcome the adversity of racism to help shape our communities. There were some on television last night and credit to ITV for commissioning several new shows for Black History Month including, Alison Hammond: Back to School which heralded some black people whose achievements have been absent from the school curriculum for too long. CONTINUE READING ...

Sunday Sermon 11th October – A Sunday To Remember Homeless People


Build people for homes;

build houses with hearts

and may love make a home….

Isaiah 58: 6-12 and Matthew 25: 34-40

When the disciples asks Jesus where he is living he says, “come, and you will see!” Have you ever wondered what they saw? I wonder whether they crowded into a tiny bedsitter with a shared bathroom down the corridor or whether he was sofa surfing, as they say, at Martha and Mary’s neat little terrace house. I somehow doubt it was a five bed mansion that he lived in, but it could have been a shop doorway or under a tree. CONTINUE READING ...

Sunday Sermon 4th October – Don’t let it happen!

Don’t let it happen!

Isaiah 5: 1-7 and Matthew 21: 33-46

There is a warning on a packet of cigarettes that if you smoke there is a danger to your health in the future. There are warning signs on gambling adverts that “when the fun stops stop” and if you don’t stop, you don’t know what it will do to your future.There are warning signs “not to drink and drive” and if you do there is no knowing how many lives might be ruined in the future. CONTINUE READING ...

Services now being held in the Church

Services are now being held in Church on a Sunday morning at 10-30 am but numbers are limited due to the need for social distancing so please check in advance if you would like to attend.

October 4th 1030 am
Revd. Richard Becher – the Minister of Broadway United Reformed Church CONTINUE READING ...