Bronze Eco Award

Bronze Certificate by A ROCHA UK


We haven’t been in training for long, but we have been awarded a Bronze Certificate by A ROCHA UK for our efforts to become an Eco Church and look after God’s creation. It is a wonderful start, but there is much more to be done and we pray more people will run with us into the future. CONTINUE READING ...

Do not change channels!

Dear Friends,

I thought I would have some down timeone afternoon during the week with some tv viewing when a programme presenter looked at me and told me not to change channels!

I am sure there were others who, like me, had only just tuned in to TBNUK, on channel 65, but it was as if she was speaking directly to me. Someone has just tuned in to the channel,she said. I want to encourage you not to change channels, but to stay with us!How could I do anything else? CONTINUE READING ...

Do whatever he tells you

Dear Friends,

Do whatever he tells you,his mother said to the servants

John 2: 5

If we did as we were told the world would be a different place, but we believe rules are for breaking and what a mess we are making!

Our hope, we are told, is in doing what we are told, but it only needs a few to break the rules to make hope seem so far away. CONTINUE READING ...

Our change of direction!

From Epiphany to Baptism:

Our change of direction!

Mark 1: 4-13

There is a hymn written by John Bell and Graham Maule that asks the question, “will you come and follow me if I but call your name?” and the last verse concludes with the reason: “Thus I’ll move and live and grow in you and you in me!” CONTINUE READING ...

Why blame God when it’s our fault?

Dear Friends,

Why blame God

when its our fault?

For my last letter of the year I say: “Don’t blame God when things go wrong, but take responsibility for your own actions and the suffering they can cause.Thats my resolution for the New Year and one I suggest can make a big difference if we all follow it! CONTINUE READING ...

Strictly Come Dancing

Dear Friends,

Strictly come dancing

with the Lord of the Dance!

YOU can do anything with the right people around you is a lesson that was reinforced for me as I watched the final of Strictly Come Dancing. YOU can also be one of the right people that encourage someone to do something they never thought they could two. It takes two to tango! CONTINUE READING ...

It’s nearly Christmas

Dear Friends,

In the bleak mid-winter,

frosty wind made moan,

earth stood hard as iron,

water like a stone;

snow had fallen, snow on snow,

snow on snow,

in the bleak mid-winter,

long ago

It’s not the weather that is making this winter so bleak; or the wind that is moaning. Its our mood that is bleak and our words that are moaning. Understandably so in this bleak mind-winter. CONTINUE READING ...