Welcome to Broadway URC

Welcome to our Oasis of Prayer and reflection at Broadway United Reformed Church where we hope you have time to stop for some spiritual refreshment.

If you don’t know Jesus we hope you meet him today and will then want to know him better so that you can make him better known through your life. Our mission statement for ourselves is: To know Jesus better, to make him better known. It is a mission with a vision to be a Jesus shaped people in a Jesus shaped community. CONTINUE READING ...

From Us to You…

(Hebrews 13: 2)

YOU are the stranger walking by.
You are the angel for us to welcome.
You are the neighbour we never knew.
You have a voice we want to hear.
You have a love for us to receive.
You are a friend we’ve never met.
You are a Samaritan who gives your time.
Thank you for stopping to share a prayer.
Please, bless us with peace before you leave.
Thank you for being CONTINUE READING ...

A Prayer To Be Turned Inside Out!

(Matthew 14: 31-33 and 44-51)

Lord, please turn me inside out
so people don’t see
the shape of my body,
the look on my face
or the colour of my skin
but see the shape of my heart
is in the image of your love
and the colour of our blood
unites us as brothers and sisters. CONTINUE READING ...

Sunday Sermon 26th July – The Kingdon Of Heaven

The kingdom of heaven is like YOU!

Slowly say the Lord’s prayer, pausing after each line then Read:

Matthew 13: 31- 46 with a pause to reflect on how you see yourself in each parable:

I am sure we all miss the physical meeting of each other in one place, but Zoom services offer us an opportunity we haven’t had before because we can look into the eyes of so many people all at the same time. Look at the faces in front of you now and give a smile of welcome and a wave…. Amazing! We’ve just said hello to the kingdom of heaven. CONTINUE READING ...