Youth Activities

youthlogoThe church takes the lead in organising youth events throughout the year. One of our main events is the Activities Week in August for local children of school age. There are about 30 people who help, by actively leading groups to supplying the drinks and biscuits. There can be anything up to around 70 children taking part during the week. Both helpers and children come from Broadway village and surrounding area. A published course is followed for the instruction part of the morning, before the children go into different age groups for a wide variety of activities. One of the days will be a trip out so they can let off steam and enjoy themselves. The Friday evening is for the parents to come and see what the children have been doing all week. We usually put on a BBQ, depending on the weather!

At Easter and Christmas, morning events are held. The children engage in stories about the events of those times, before they partake in practical activities. The Easter event is held on Good Friday.