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Celebrating Christian Aid

CAW Service 2 – Chris Walters – Sunday 9th May

The beginning of Genesis, as read out to us, emphasises God’s desire for all creatures on earth to live in harmony, recognising that humankind is responsible for managing the lives of all other residents of the planet, whether trees and plants, insects, birds, sea creatures or land animals. This has happened, with notable and sadly-increasing exceptions, since records began. CONTINUE READING ...

Celebrating Christian Aid

CAW Service 1 – Chris Walters Main Address – Sunday 9th May

Christian Aid, together with its donors, is clearly working as a Good Samaritan, but on a much larger scale, helping those in need, regardless of status, gender, colour or religion.

Christian Aid currently works in about 30 countries in Central America, Africa, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region, and is presently giving Covid aid to about 20 of these countries, including India and her immediate neighbours. This is clearly Christian Aid’s most acute challenge at this time, given that its aim is to improve the lives of those living in its targeted countries, especially within their poor and marginalised communities. CONTINUE READING ...

God’s big house

Dear Friends,

One door leads to another in Gods big house….

John 14: 1-7

I feel as though God opened a front door and let us into a house where there was a warm welcome, but more doors to open before we could find the purpose of the invitation. I am so grateful, and privileged, that the front door opened and we have been able to spend time in the hallway before being shown to the next door to a room where we will find something new! CONTINUE READING ...



John 15: 1-8

Love and Gardening are often two words I hear together like bread and butter. Not for me, but I did begin to think that LOVE must be like a set of secateurs in the hands of a gardener who prunes a tree like a parent who helps a child to grow. I don’t suggest threatening a child with the secateurs, but growing up can be a painful process. CONTINUE READING ...

Our gate in prayer

Dear Friends,

This week I have been reminded of a reflection I shared a year ago about how we can lean on our Gate in prayer to find a new life waiting for us from John 10 verses 1-10….

We have talked about having to knock on doors in recent months, but we also continue to lean on our Gate as we pray about the future! To get to the door we have to go through a gate! CONTINUE READING ...

Unmute the muted!

Dear Friends,

Unmute the muted!

As a Zoom host I have the power to silence people and, if they refuse to be muted, I can dismiss them to a waiting room until they calm down. What power!

Such power is disturbing though because it can be evident in daily life as people have their voice taken away and they are denied the opportunity to tell their story. CONTINUE READING ...

We do have good news to share, don’t we

Service with Revd. Nick Stanyon –

By what power did you do this? Acts 4

Easter is dangerous. At least to preachers.

Every so often you hear of one ending up in hospital on Easter day. Poisoned. By eating daffodils!!

It was a topic of debate on the URC ministers facebook group again this year, and I have to say I cringed at the comments saying you could eat this bit of the daffodil, but not that bit. In truth, eating any of it can give you a very nasty stomach ache – not at all to be recommended! CONTINUE READING ...

Plant for the future

Dear Friends,

Plant for the future,

but dont obscure the vision!

As I sat on a bench in prayer my vision was as far as I could see and that was to the distant horizon. Without vision I will perish, but with it there will always be a horizon.

Our faith takes us on a journey to a horizon, but when we reach it we will have to refocus on a new vision because there will be another horizon. Between my bench and the horizon I could see so much, but there is also a lot I dont see. CONTINUE READING ...