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Dear Friends,

There has been so much to reflect on that I could share this week, but the most positive news is that our move has happened and we are in the process of setting up our new home. Thank goodness for a big double garage where a lot of boxes have been stored! CONTINUE READING ...

Farewell to Richard and Virginia

Farewell to Richard and Virginia

Our Minister, Richard and his wife Virginia are leaving us on 30th September to take up a new pastorate in Lymington, Hampshire.

Richard led his final service for us on Sunday 19th September. It was a joyful time together. Following the worship, a presentation was made, of a painting by local artist Ann Prater and a Peace Lily plant. Richard had often spoken of ‘leaning on a gate’ in thought and prayer, and the church commissioned a scene of a gate on the local hillside. The fellowship then shared lunch in the Church Hall. The lunch was prepared by Andy Cruickshank, who is chef at the Mug and Muffin in Leamington Road. CONTINUE READING ...

We take our gate everywhere we go!

Dear Friends,

If a gate disappears between fields around Broadway in the next few weeks we can expect the police to come knocking on the door of our new home in Lymington.

We will be among the first suspects. The evidence is undeniable. We take our gate everywhere we go! As you see from the pictures, however, I can be an Adam of Genesis and blame the woman for everything! CONTINUE READING ...



Read: Samuel 3: 1-10 plus verse 19

This is the story of a small child who heard the voice of God calling in the night, but he didn’t know who it was until an old man told him.

It is a simple story that began a faith journey for Samuel, but it could be our story — YOUR story, because the bible is full of stories in which we can identify ourselves and our personal experiences. CONTINUE READING ...

Wisdom of Scientists

Dear Friends,

I do not doubt the wisdom of scientists, but the top environmental problems are selfishness, greed and apathy and to deal with that we need a spiritual and cultural transformation — and the scientists don’t know how to do that. That is OUR job! CONTINUE READING ...

God in a Box

God doesn’t fit in a box!

James 2: 1-10 + 14-17 and Mark 7: 24-end

As we prepare to move we are packing things into boxes, but they also have to fit into the right box so they can be found when needed. Books for here, books for there; clothes for winter, clothes for summer, the system is great until you are trying to find something you didn’t mean to pack. CONTINUE READING ...

Dear friends,

As children we were encouraged to exceed our limits — aspiring to be bigger, better and faster. We must build bigger, do better and move faster and if the human body can’t do it we must create something that will!

As I was driving home from Holiday Forum at Swanwick last week i realised that building smaller and moving slower is better for the future. I have never understood the purpose of building bigger cars that can travel at 150 mph, making people feel better because they can drive so much faster. It must be that engrained aspiration to exceed our limits! CONTINUE READING ...


Dear Friends,

Pray Like Hannah PDF

A question we often ask as we look to the future is how we can attract young people to give the Church new life. I also want to ask how we value and encourage the gifts of older people?

Church is a family of brothers and sisters in Christ and as such embraces all ages so young and old have equal value in the eyes of God. We ALL have our different gifts to contribute with the visions of the young, the dreams of the old and the prophesy of everyone giving life to the Church. CONTINUE READING ...