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A mother, three wise daughters and a brother

A mother, three wise daughters and a brother

1 Corinthians 1: 3-9 and Mark 13: 24-37

Where is the child?”

Cried a woman.

Where is our Hope?”

the woman cried.

As we head out of the second lockdown and into new tiered restrictions a lot of people are losing sight of Hope. She is like the missing child everyone wants to find. CONTINUE READING ...

Don’t ignore the cracks

Dear Friends,

Dont ignore the cracks

but fix them quick

to build a house where love can dwell!

I confess that I have indulged myself in watching more daytime television with a cup of tea during lockdown and I got a timely reminder from the BBC programme, Homes Under the Hammer, during the week of a lesson I learned many years ago: Dont ignore the cracks, but fix em while you can! CONTINUE READING ...

There are Stars behind the clouds

Dear Friends,

There are stars behind the clouds

Philippians 2: 3-17

The telephone calls you make this week can be like the wind that blows away the clouds to reveal stars shining in the dark sky above

You will probably telephone someone because you know there are clouds hanging over their lives and you want them to know you are thinking of them in these stormy times. I have done it many times and more often than not I find a star bringing some light into my life! CONTINUE READING ...

All lives matter…

All lives matter…

Matthew 25: 31-46

I don’t often get on my soap box in Facebook Corner, but this week I make an exception and if in the end you want to call me a “silly old goat” I hope you can be sure that you are “one of the sheep!” CONTINUE READING ...

Selling with love for the neighbours!

Dear Friends,

Selling with love for the neighbours!

Matthew 19: 16-24

Once upon a time, there was a little old woman who lived in a dream house in a street full of wonderful people she loved in a beautiful village. Sadly, the day came when she had to move a care home and there were plenty of people who wanted to buy her dream house in a street full of wonderful people in a beautiful village. So she was offered top price for a house which only someone with a lot of money could buy. So what did she do? What would you do? What would 99% of the population do when offered top price for the house they had to sell? CONTINUE READING ...

Walking towards the light

Dear Friends,

Walking towards the light

In times of trouble I have often been told that there is light at the end of the tunnelbut when it was my first tunnel it was hard to believe. Each tunnel you get through is a lesson for the next so remember the first and the last and the next one to come because there is always a light to show you the way! CONTINUE READING ...

How I remember what I mustn’t forget!

Dear Friends,

How I remember what I mustnt forget!

I was never any good at remembering what the teachers wanted me to remember at school, but I now have some symbols that remind me of what has been most important to my life. Together they make my home alone communionin which I can remember what unites my memories. If you want to try it you will need a poppy, stone, grapes, bread and a jug of water with a glass, or wine or juice. CONTINUE READING ...

Remembrance Sunday – The Kingdom of Peace

The Kingdom of Peace

Isaiah 65: 17-25 and Luke 19: 37-44

There is a very short and simple hymn with a challenge that has been too big for many people to embrace. It simply says: “peace, perfect peace, is the gift of Christ our Lord,” with a reminder, incase you missed it, “peace, perfect peace, is the gift of Christ out Lord. Thus, says the Lord, will the world know my friends.” CONTINUE READING ...

What’s your choice: Trick or Treat

Dear Friends,

Whats your choice: Trick or Treat

Matthew 4: 1-11

Trick or Treat is the choice and I dont understand why anyone would choose a trick when there is a treat on offer? It doesnt even seem as ambiguous as the truth or dare game I remember playing at boarding school. Telling the truth could be worse than risking the dare, but trick or treat? Doesnt matter how small the treat is, it must be better than the trick. CONTINUE READING ...