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A WORD of advice….

Dear Friends,

With Church doors open again and visitors welcome into our Oasis of Prayer it was no surprise to hear the old familiar grumble: “Why does God let it happen?Have you ever thought that if we did as God said many of those things wouldn’t happen? CONTINUE READING ...

From the ashes of a childhood!

Dear Friends,

There are 266 pages in a book I have recently read and for about 250 of them I wondered how anyone could survive the story that was being told, but it doesnt need many pages to change a life! I wish the 266 pages were the story of only a few and pray that the few remaining pages could become the happy ending for many. Sadly most of the book reflects the despair of many and the end is an experience for the few, very few. CONTINUE READING ...

Sunday Sermon 23rd August – Who do YOU say Jesus is?

Who do YOU say Jesus is?

Matthew 16: 13-20

It doesn’t matter what other people think, what is most important is who Jesus is to you and whether you are ready to confess your faith to the world. It doesn’t matter who I say Jesus is, or who any other preacher says he is, because it’s our Father in heaven who reveals the truth, not me, or any other person. CONTINUE READING ...

Open for Prayer – Prayer Oasis

Our Prayer Oasis in Church will be open for private prayer on Saturday (August 22nd) from 10am so please call in for some spiritual refreshment. Services will also be held from Sunday August 30th in Church Hall, but as we will have to limit numbers people will need to tell us they would like to attend. You can do this through our contact page. CONTINUE READING ...

Transformed Worship

Dear Friends,

Transformed Worship

Romans 12: 1-3

When I say goodbye to the grandchildren I blow a kiss and they jump with outstretched arm to catch it. Then they blow one back and they shout: Granddad! You dropped it!

We had better start practicing kiss catchingfor when we start services again because there will be no hugs or handshakes to welcome each other. We will also have to wear masks so must get used to smiling with our eyes and making our voices feel like a hug! Weve had a lot of practice with our voices during many phone calls over the months so hopefully we can continue to make love speak through our masks. CONTINUE READING ...

Sleeping Through The Alarm

Dear Friends,

Matthew 26: 36-46

Sleeping through the alarm!

For some of us our faith can be like our smoke detector or fire alarm: Its there to save us in an emergency, but for most of the time we dont feel any need for it.

I had an annoying reminder that it is an ever presence in our home over the weekend. The alarm, that is, not my faith! It started beeping in the middle of the night when I was trying to sleep. CONTINUE READING ...

A selfish streak…

Dear Friends,

It probably goes against the gospel grain, but I am convinced we need to find a selfish streak to our faith if we are to be generous with our love.

I’m not encouraging an attitude of saving money for a rainy day when the poor are already being soaked in storms of injustice, persecution and oppression. No, Im not affirming the wealth of rich young men who believe that following old habits of ritual and tradition will save us. (Luke 18: 18-26) What we need to save us, including me, is to get selfish with TIME and PRAYER! CONTINUE READING ...

Outreach Actvities


We believe Church is an everyday activity with a rest for our spiritual refreshment on Sunday! Church is not in a building, but in the hearts of people who want to show the love of God in a community and the wider world. So Church works six days a week to create what is good for God and then gathers together for a rest at our Sunday services (10.30 am) CONTINUE READING ...

Your Kingdom Has Come


Our Father in heaven,
we sing your praises
and thank you
that where your will is done
on earth as in heaven
your kingdom has come.

Thank you,
that where your Word is lived
your Daily Bread is shared
and where we have forgiven
we are healed of all our guilt. CONTINUE READING ...