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Your Kingdom Has Come


Our Father in heaven,
we sing your praises
and thank you
that where your will is done
on earth as in heaven
your kingdom has come.

Thank you,
that where your Word is lived
your Daily Bread is shared
and where we have forgiven
we are healed of all our guilt. CONTINUE READING ...

My Selfish Prayer


Lord, I pray a selfish prayer just for me:
May I say what you want me to say.
May I do what you want me to do.
May I be who you want me to be.
Lord, may your will be done on earth in me
as it always is in heaven through you…. Amen CONTINUE READING ...

For Stormy Times


Calm my storms into whispers, Lord.
Turn my waves into gentle ripples;
May the wind blow gently on my face.
Calm me, Lord, as you calmed the storm.
Walk with me through wind and wave.
Take my hand, save me from my fear.
Calm me, Lord, as you calmed the storm. Amen. CONTINUE READING ...

From Us to You…

(Hebrews 13: 2)

YOU are the stranger walking by.
You are the angel for us to welcome.
You are the neighbour we never knew.
You have a voice we want to hear.
You have a love for us to receive.
You are a friend we’ve never met.
You are a Samaritan who gives your time.
Thank you for stopping to share a prayer.
Please, bless us with peace before you leave.
Thank you for being CONTINUE READING ...

A Prayer To Be Turned Inside Out!

(Matthew 14: 31-33 and 44-51)

Lord, please turn me inside out
so people don’t see
the shape of my body,
the look on my face
or the colour of my skin
but see the shape of my heart
is in the image of your love
and the colour of our blood
unites us as brothers and sisters. CONTINUE READING ...