The Fire of Life

SERMON – The Fire of Life

I have to admit that during these last few months of lockdown I have been caught out time and time again as to what happened when, was it last year or was it the year before – and I don’t think I am on my own in this. For a short time let us play the game of ‘do you remember when’. There were horrible bush fires in Australia which seemed to rage for weeks, the flames were fanned by strong winds and many people lost their homes as well as whole neighbourhoods and one of the saddest things was that animals lost their habitat. The forests were all burnt down and there was no food, shade or shelter. Do you remember seeing pictures of little koala bears with burnt feet and scorched fur trying to get out of the way of the fire. It was horrible to watch, but it happened because we as custodians of this planet failed in our duty to care for it properly. Those fires happened because of climate change and then just a few short months later we were seeing pictures of floods and people watching as their houses slid away from them. Again, the cause is climate change and it all stands firmly at our door with our incessant need for more burning of fossil fuels. CONTINUE READING ...

One conversation

In reality prayer is a one to one conversation

not a petition signed by many…

John 17: 6-17

Jesus says that where two or three are gathered he is there and I must admit my two or three are often the Father, Son and Spirit and me on my own in the bath, on a walk, in bed or delivering Christian Aid envelopes in the pouring rain. CONTINUE READING ...

Welcome the naked!

Dear Friends,

There was a time when people would look so different at church in their Sunday best that you could be forgiven for not recognising them. We should always look our best for God, but isnt it wonderful that Jesus accepts us at our worst!

For some people what they wear during the week is all they have to wear so it could be intimidating to go to church and be among people all dressed up in their Sunday best. The scruffy jumper, worn shirt and creased up trousers could be the best the least among us have to wear, but thats how Jesus could be dressed! CONTINUE READING ...

Celebrating Christian Aid

CAW Service 2 – Chris Walters – Sunday 9th May

The beginning of Genesis, as read out to us, emphasises God’s desire for all creatures on earth to live in harmony, recognising that humankind is responsible for managing the lives of all other residents of the planet, whether trees and plants, insects, birds, sea creatures or land animals. This has happened, with notable and sadly-increasing exceptions, since records began. CONTINUE READING ...

Celebrating Christian Aid

CAW Service 1 – Chris Walters Main Address – Sunday 9th May

Christian Aid, together with its donors, is clearly working as a Good Samaritan, but on a much larger scale, helping those in need, regardless of status, gender, colour or religion.

Christian Aid currently works in about 30 countries in Central America, Africa, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region, and is presently giving Covid aid to about 20 of these countries, including India and her immediate neighbours. This is clearly Christian Aid’s most acute challenge at this time, given that its aim is to improve the lives of those living in its targeted countries, especially within their poor and marginalised communities. CONTINUE READING ...

God’s big house

Dear Friends,

One door leads to another in Gods big house….

John 14: 1-7

I feel as though God opened a front door and let us into a house where there was a warm welcome, but more doors to open before we could find the purpose of the invitation. I am so grateful, and privileged, that the front door opened and we have been able to spend time in the hallway before being shown to the next door to a room where we will find something new! CONTINUE READING ...



John 15: 1-8

Love and Gardening are often two words I hear together like bread and butter. Not for me, but I did begin to think that LOVE must be like a set of secateurs in the hands of a gardener who prunes a tree like a parent who helps a child to grow. I don’t suggest threatening a child with the secateurs, but growing up can be a painful process. CONTINUE READING ...