Protecting our lives, can lose any quality to life!

Dear Friends,

Matthew 16: 21-25

As children prepare to go back to school this week it occurs to me that Jesus was on the button with a prophesy for covid 2020 when he said that whoever tries to save their life will lose it!

We are so worried about protecting our lives that we risk losing any quality of life. We have got to get on with life and confront the things that trouble us, but I can see us like a Peter who doesnt like the idea and resists the inevitable direction we must take. CONTINUE READING ...

Living for the Dream

Dear Friends,

John 14: 1-12

Some people long for the day when they wake-up to discover they are LIVING THEIR DREAM, but most of us have forgotten our dream by the time we wake up.

I talked about LIVING THE DREAM on Sunday and then in Word for Today on Monday the reflection reminded me of my dream. YOUR DREAM HOUSE was the theme and continues tomorrow. I often forget what I did yesterday and cant remember what I must do today, but I have been waking up with a reminder of what I must do each morning. My vision is the DREAM HOUSE and my mission is how I get there. CONTINUE READING ...

Sunday Sermon 6th September – Listen with Love

Listen with Love

Matthew 18: 15-20

One thing I am sure we agree on is that where two or three gather in his name Jesus is among us. Jesus stands among us at the meeting of our lives and will be our sweet agreement through the meeting of our eyes…

Oh, if only, we did see eye to eye, but I’m not so confident that the two or three — 20 or 30 or 200 or 300 — do listen to the one voice among us that heals and reconciles the pain and differences or forgives what we perceive as sin. CONTINUE READING ...

A WORD of advice….

Dear Friends,

With Church doors open again and visitors welcome into our Oasis of Prayer it was no surprise to hear the old familiar grumble: “Why does God let it happen?Have you ever thought that if we did as God said many of those things wouldn’t happen? CONTINUE READING ...

From the ashes of a childhood!

Dear Friends,

There are 266 pages in a book I have recently read and for about 250 of them I wondered how anyone could survive the story that was being told, but it doesnt need many pages to change a life! I wish the 266 pages were the story of only a few and pray that the few remaining pages could become the happy ending for many. Sadly most of the book reflects the despair of many and the end is an experience for the few, very few. CONTINUE READING ...

Sunday Sermon 23rd August – Who do YOU say Jesus is?

Who do YOU say Jesus is?

Matthew 16: 13-20

It doesn’t matter what other people think, what is most important is who Jesus is to you and whether you are ready to confess your faith to the world. It doesn’t matter who I say Jesus is, or who any other preacher says he is, because it’s our Father in heaven who reveals the truth, not me, or any other person. CONTINUE READING ...

Open for Prayer – Prayer Oasis

Our Prayer Oasis in Church will be open for private prayer on Saturday (August 22nd) from 10am so please call in for some spiritual refreshment. Services will also be held from Sunday August 30th in Church Hall, but as we will have to limit numbers people will need to tell us they would like to attend. You can do this through our contact page. CONTINUE READING ...