Repent, for the Kingdom of God is near

Dear Friends,

“Repent, for the Kingdom of God is near

Matthew 4: 17

The best stories are those that keep you gripped until the last paragraph when it is finally revealed who did it!I read a long story last week and at the end found out that I DID IT!

I’m not going to grass on you, as they say, but I didnt do it alone and most of you are as guilty as I am. The encouraging thing is that we can repent and if we do that we will find that the Kingdom of God is near. So, I plead guilty and pray for leniency from my Judge.

The story is one of abuse, neglect, exploitation and serious wounding of the planet and I must stop asking the question, who did itand confess that I do it. I dont have the weapon in my hand, but that is no defence because I am colluding in my silence with those who cause the damage. Collectively we are guilty of armed robbery as we take what we want from Gods planet with little regard for the hurt we cause. OK, it might be a bit over dramatic, but at the end of the story, we did it!

At the end of what I was reading the writer said: Above all, we cannot continue on the path of wilful disregard of our duties as custodians of the natural world, and we must take global measures to defeat the threat our destruction of the environment poses. We may have chosen to ignore those facts before — but we know now that our lives depend on it!

The day after Michael Davies sent me message and said that if I hadnt already watched the Perfect Planetin the last few weeks on BBC1 I should catch up — and do it quickly because time isnt waiting!

He said that the last episode was VERY punchy and to the point but also encouraging! Humanity can do something about the crimes we have committed! We can listen to Jesus and: Repent, for the Kingdom of God is near!”

Michael says: “If we work alongside nature with enthusiastic action STARTING as soon as possible then humanity can achieve the achievable. There needs to be urgent effective political will which is our most effective reason to insist on this effective action now. The scientists on the program said the one thing we do not have is TIME!We can do something exciting or something frightening! The frightening thing is to do nothing because that will make the next 10-15 years ever more frightening

“To ignore the position the Planet is currently in leads towards disaster which is unthinkable for humanity. The call to accepting reality is unquestionable scientifically. Ironically the question we should all be asking is our species intelligent or not because if we ignore this the fact we call ourselves intelligent is questionable? The Secretary General of the UN said in December that the science ie irrefutable. If we believe in creation by God of a “Perfect Plant” as part of “God’s Perfect Creation” we have no choice to repent! But, of course God allows us free will so what next?”

As a Church we are committed to caring for the planet and on Friday evening the Eco-Church Group will reflect on how we can help do that. Please join us as we continue that challenging discussion and reflection.

Let Love rise from your ashes!

A prayer for Ash Wednesday

From the ashes of my past may a tiny spark of love be found to rekindle the passion of my faith that will touch everyone in my path.

May the the ashes be my anger, pride and greed left behind in the past as Love rises from within them glowing warmly for the future!