Threads Group 2022 – 2023

ThreadsAlthough Covid had upset our lives for some time, we were able to start back at Threads meetings in March. Under the aegis of Margaret Taylor, who seems to have a never-ending group of helpers donating wool, knitted squares, baby sets and blankets with a willing amount of people to put them all together!

We managed to send;
– Baby sets and blankets to Africa
– Hats, blankets and teddies to Ukranian refugees
– Hats, scarves, mittens and teddies to the shoe-box appeal

Closer to home, all our knitters helped provide approx 40 knitted chicks to sit atop a Creme egg, ready to distribute to the congregation on Easter Sunday. All dissappeared so we assume they were enjoyed by everyone!

We made tapestry/crochet book-marks in the shape of a cross for members on our Jubilee weekend – again all were taken.

Finally we provided a few knitted/crocheted angels to joing the Nativity tableau in the vestibule as our Christmas calendar offering. Many thanks to Margaret Harrington for her usual artistic endeavours.

Each month we have between 2 and 12 people attending the sessions and would welcome anyone interested in an afternoon of craft activities.

Many Thanks, Wyn Whitten