Welcome to Broadway URC

Welcome to our Oasis of Prayer and reflection at Broadway United Reformed Church where we hope you have time to stop for some spiritual refreshment.

If you don’t know Jesus we hope you meet him today and will then want to know him better so that you can make him better known through your life. Our mission statement for ourselves is: To know Jesus better, to make him better known. It is a mission with a vision to be a Jesus shaped people in a Jesus shaped community.

You are welcome to travel with us!

We don’t want to be known as people who know their bible, but as people who live the bible. You can live it better than some people who know it so don’t be deterred by a big book with lots of chapters, verses and words. We believe the attitude we show is more important than the knowledge we share.

Our building of wood and stones is not the Church, but the people of flesh and bones is (1 Corinthians 3: 16-17) so we hope you will want to meet us and discover for yourself how the kingdom of heaven, that Jesus encourages us to find, is a treasure in each other. (Luke 17: 20-21)

We are not trying to build our church to be bigger, but, as we pray, want to do the will of God together so that the kingdom will be known on earth as in heaven. We pray you will find something on this visit, or another in the future, that will inspire and encourage you to reveal the kingdom of heaven through your life.

You can find information about us and the United Reformed Church on this website, but we also hope you will find some encouragement and inspiration from prayers, letters, reflections and sermons.

Church is not a Sunday activity, but every activity is Church. Church represents the Body of Christ so Jesus comes alive in every encounter and activity through the attitude of love so you are welcome to visit us on this website or at our building on Broadway High Street. We look forward to meeting you.

Jesus said:

Whoever welcomes you welcomes me

and whoever welcomes me

welcomes the one who sent me…”

Matthew 10: 40


The exchange of a welcome

recognises Jesus in each other!