A selfish streak…

Dear Friends,

It probably goes against the gospel grain, but I am convinced we need to find a selfish streak to our faith if we are to be generous with our love.

I’m not encouraging an attitude of saving money for a rainy day when the poor are already being soaked in storms of injustice, persecution and oppression. No, Im not affirming the wealth of rich young men who believe that following old habits of ritual and tradition will save us. (Luke 18: 18-26) What we need to save us, including me, is to get selfish with TIME and PRAYER!

Time is something we freely give away for others, but keep very little for ourselves. We made the clock that dictates the pace at which we live our lives, but God created time and we must save more for ourselves to invest in PRAYER! Be still in Gods time rather than doing as the clock demands! TIME is a precious gift God has given so dont feel guilty at being selfish with it and saving more for yourself. I often think the Magi are reported to have been late for the birth of Jesus because they were travelling by Gods time, not the human clock. They were meant to arrive when they did, not before.

If the congregation ever knew how their Priest had neglected someone who was dying at the roadside because he was in a hurry to get to the evening service they would have been angry with him. We would have understood if you were late,they would say. Yet the people waiting for the Samaritan to arrive were probably complaining because he was late for their meeting so gave up and went home. They never heard the story of how he invested time to help a man find life! Go and do as the Samaritan does (Luke 10: 25-37): Be selfish with your God given TIME and dont worry so much about the clock!

Give TIME to be selfish with PRAYER. We can pray for the world and her children and forget to pray for ourselves. The power of prayer is encouraging and inspiring, but we need to be more selfish with our praying. The selfish prayer isnt one that asks for what you want, but seeks what you need to be the person God wants you to be. Im not becoming an advocate of the wealth gospel in which the quantity of our faith is a measure of how much you are blessed with. I have heard too much of the have the faith that Ive got and you will be blessed with what I’ve got” preaching in churches in the past. Its the quality that is fruitful so take time and pray for yourself so you can be as good as God knows you can be.

Gardener God, please prune my faith each and every day so that I can grow to be good fruit for you.

A prayer for yourself, but as you bear much good fruit you show yourselves to be a disciple who can make a much bigger difference on the world than if you always pray for the world and her children!

On the subject of Prayer the Church will be open on Saturday as a Prayer Oasis from 10 am and on Sunday 30th we will have our first service since lockdown in Church Hall starting at 1030 am. If you would like to attend Sunday services please let me know the weeks you would like to come and I will try and accommodate everyone even if it is alternate weeks. Please be patient with us, but we will still be following social distancing guidelines and we wont have space for everyone every week! Please phone (01386 853236) or email to let me know when you would like to attend. You can say every week, but I will only be able to fit you in some weeks!