Ask and it will be given

Dear Friends,

Ask and it will be given to you;

seek and you will find

knock and the door will be opened to you

Matthew 7: 7

I have turned the clock back to my teenage years and am doing what I did then: knocking on doors praying one will open with a welcome. I remember some doors remaining closed when I knocked, others opened but quickly closed when I said what I was doing and a few opened with a warm welcome. That was the opportunity to do what I needed to do!

It was the classic experience of when one door closes another will open — although, in life, it often seems that many doors close before one will open. I was trying to sell encyclopedias to American families about 55 years ago and now I am knocking on doors again hoping one will open for the right reason. I still have something I need to do and Im not waiting for a knock on my door, but am knocking and seeking and praying to find! I am travelling a long road with a lot of doors!

I am also listening for a possible knock on MY door because it might be my best friend wanting to come in and eat with me (Revelation 3: 20), but he might also be in another place waiting for me to find and follow him. I do remember the frustration of many doors closing, some with a slam in the face, but there was an opportunity waiting to be found so I kept looking for the opportunities behind the doors.

Many of us are attached to what we have grown accustomed to, that familiar past that we are comfortable with, and if that ends we dont see the new opportunities that stand before us. The world is full of doors with new opportunities behind them and if we ask, seek and knock in faith we will find what we are meant to find.

At Church meeting last night I said how I am knocking on doors because of the uncertainty of ministry in Broadway. The door might open to another church or another welcome to retirement or some other unexpected ministry, but I can’t sit and wait for the opportunity to find me without seeking it myself at the same time. Where God wants us to be might not be where we feel comfortable and settled. That is the same for all of us on our faith journey and for a Church, organisation or business or charity so, please, dont be frightened by the challenge of knocking on doors or listening for new opportunities knocking on yours.

When we came here nearly three years ago it was because Broadway United Reformed Church came knocking on MY door so I prayed, listened and came. I had been knocking on other doors, seeking the will of God for me and God sent you to knock on mine! With the deployment of ministers being reviewed I am asking God what next and as I seek I am sure I will find the door that will open when I knock and I pray YOU will do the same.

I wonder whether God is knocking on someones door now and inviting you to be an Elder or Church Secretary or to step up and offer your gifts for the ministry of the Church. Or can we help each other step out of our Covid depression and frustration to walk down the long road with lots of doors and keep knocking until the right one opens? Some will remain closed, others will open and shut, but I know God will not abandon us on the street!

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