Better people make a better world!

Dear Friends,

Better people

make a better world!

We all know that the health of the world is not good and that we need to do something to make it better. But what?

The world has been exploited, polluted, poisoned and abused so we need to do something to make it better: But how?

The whatand the howare expressed through the life of Jesus Christ who was sent to save the world God loves so much (John 3: 16) so the question becomes our WHEN? Its our world, lets make it better!is the theme for One World Week and when we begin to live like Jesus the sooner the world will begin to get better!

The World is like a patient in an exhausted National Health Service so the first thing Jesus has to do is find more workers who dont want to fill their purses with big salaries or pack bags full of clothes and smart shoes, but are more concerned with the needs of their community. They are the people who deliver peace to a house and healing with an attitude that shows the kingdom of Godis within them! The opportunities can be seen, but there arent enough workers to make the world better! Thats what Jesus is working on at the moment: Getting people better so we can make the world better! Our Father started by sending his Son and the one became 12 and the 12 became 72 who were sent out to find more. Thats my brief synopsis of Luke 10: 1-9 to start the week!

Its our World, (well God lent it to us), lets make it better!is a good theme to focus on for the week which starts with St Luke the Evangelist Day. Jesus came to save, or can I say heal, the world not to condemn it, but to heal the world people must be healed first. In her message yesterday Jo Williamson observed that Jesus sent people home after they were healed rather than asking them to stay with him, even if they asked. By going home they would share their experience of healing with friends and family rather than following the Healer who would continue to do all the work! So, if you have been convinced by the healing words, hands and miracles of Jesus its up to you to make life better for your neighbour — and they will do the same for their neighbour. Every Church is a neighbour to the next; every town, every city, every nation is a neighbour to another so go and knock on the door of every neighbour and make disciples.. (Matthew 28: 18-20) Disciples make the WORLD better.

Some of us attended the West Midlands Synod meeting by Zoom on Saturday and voted to adopt an Environmental Policy that is now the cornerstone of our intent as a body of people committed to caring for Gods creation. The challenge is to reduce our carbon footprint, improve recycling, minimise waste and improve efficiencies on finite natural resources in all our operations. If — IF — we have been made better — healed — by Jesus then we will want to do that in love for our neighbours because it will make the world better. When Jesus says to follow himit isnt so that HE will do all the work, but that we will go home, or back to our communities, and follow his example with the people we love. So its not for Synod to do it for us or for other people in the Church to do it, but for us to do it together!

We can work with the West Midlands Synod to build upon a habit of recycling waste materials wherever possible, and move to embellish good practice with regard to reducing its waste stream through applying the principles of:

REFUSE (refusing to buy items that are not needed and, if possible, rejecting goods supplied with excess packaging)

REDUCE (minimising purchases and only purchasing new when this is necessary, avoiding wherever possible single-use plastics)

REFUSE (avoiding single-use cups and plates, refilling containers and finding new uses for items no longer needed)

REPAIR (where practical, repair items rather than discarding them)

RECYCLE (when all other options have been explored, send redundant items or used items for reclining in perforce to sending them to landfill)

Its the ONE WORLD, so lets make it better through our faith in Jesus Christ who came to save it not condemn it. He started with making people better so that they would go and make the world better ……. Are you feeling a better person since following Jesus?