Celebration of Father, Son and Spirit

Dear Friends,

The best way to describe Trinity Sunday — the celebration of Father, Son and Spirit — is to recall how someone in the village thought the people at the church up the road didnt only know their bible or read it, but live it!

Thats fine for people who have faith and believe that if they believe in the Father and the Son they can receive the Spirit, but last night I heard a voice telling me to think again and not limit God to believers.

Well, if Im told to say something I had better ask the question so can the power of the Holy Spirit work through the lives of people who dont believe in the Father and the Son? If nothing is impossible for God the answer has to be WHY NOT? The Father and the Son can SEND the Holy Spirit to work wherever they choose and that is the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in impossible situations.

As believers what we know from scripture and our relationship with the Father and the Son wont get us very far without the power of the Spirit, but the Father and the Son can send the Spirit to work in the hearts and minds of non-believers to change the world. It is the Spirit that gives power to our prayers so how do you expect your prayers to be answered if the Holy Spirit refuses to work outside the church? Yes, it is because we take our faith in the Father and the Son into the community to live what we believe that the Holy Spirit gives energy to our work, but the Spirit also goes where we dont go at the say so of the Father and the Son. Got it?

So, when someones faith is formless and empty with darkness over their life the Spirit will be hovering and when the voice of God says: Let there be light, there will be light. That didnt happen because we believed in the Father and the Son, but because they were together as one in the beginning and told the Spirit what they wanted.

So, I hope you can believe it, but even if you donbelieve, or belief isnt strong, the Father and the Son can send the Holy Spirit into the darkest corners of your life to give you that light of hope. Thats the power of the Trinity!

The community of compassion touched Laura last week when she had a fall and if you had lost faith in humanity this will restore it.

After falling two gentlemen and three ladies from the hairdressers helped her up, got her a chair, called the ambulance as she had lost consciousness and called her office. Laura ended up in Redditch A&E until 7.30 having scans, X-rays, ecg until late at night suddenly wondered where her hand bag and diary where. They were last seen in a large plastic bag provided by the hairdresser!! Surely lost, she thought, and bank must be contacted to cancel cards.

Early in the morning an environmental worker rang the doorbell and returned my bag with everything in it. What a relief- no credit cards etc to stop. He found it in the car park and managed to find my address from a label in Laura’s purse. She asked him why her handbag was intact and he said obviously other folk thought it was rubbish. A lesson if you are worried about being mugged is to disguise your valuables as rubbish!

I found an email from Germany at the weekend inviting us to help Martin Henninger celebrate his retirement.

“I am contacting you on behalf of the church elders of Lutherkirche Frankenthal, Germany. Our minister Martin Henninger was minister at Broadway URC between 1988 1995. As Martin will retire by September we are planning to have a service on this occasion and a reception (the Covid situation permitting). We are wondering if members of Broadway URC still have any photos relating to Martin´s ministry which they would be willing to share with us and/or if your congregation would be willing to send us a video with some words of greeting to show during the service and the reception. Thank you very much and best wishes. Ute Kühborth.”

Any thoughts?

We continue the appeal on behalf of Churches Together and the Broadway Community Hamper team as we try to respond to the increasing need for help for people in Broadway who continue to struggle on furlough or are waiting for their benefits to start following redundancy.

Shellie is getting a lot of requests for help from people on furlough or being made redundant whilst their benefits kick in as well as the usual. People can donate so we can purchase Tesco food vouchers to help those in need in Broadway on the donation link below.

Click here to donate: https://givealittle.co/campaigns/735e5fb6-dc93-4eb0-bfee-6a8cb7751a35

Alternatively you can put donations through mine or Shellie’s door or write a cheque to Broadway PCC.

Hope you have a wonderful Bank Holiday Monday and half term with children or grandchildren.

God Bless, Richard