Do we know what’s in 100% orange juice?

Dear Friends,

Go to the ‘physician’ if you are weary and burdened with worry and sickness and he will heal you!

Matthew 11: 28

If you are not feeling well get yourself to the ‘doctor’ as quickly as possible because there is one treatment available for a multitude of ills!

It is not new. It was discovered many, many years ago, but not many doctors will prescribe it. In fact, some — well, most — will scoff at the thought. There is no evidence that it works and its safety is very questionable. It IS true that a lot of people have died while taking the medication. Not a good recommendation, is it?

If you read the instructions it says that you must be prepared to die to live a healthier life. Not the most encouraging words to read, if you can! Firstly, the instructions are in such small print that many of us can’t read them, others don’t bother to read them and those that do are deterred from taking such a risky medication! I’m not taking that medication until I see the evidence that it works, people say.

A friend of mine posted on his Facebook page that he had received the covid vaccine and, no, he didn’t know what’s in it – neither this vaccine, the ones he had as a child, nor in the Big Mac, or in Nandos sauce, or in other treatments…whether it’s for cancer, AIDS, the one for polyarthritis, or vaccines for infants or children. He trusts his doctor when she says it’s needed.

He also don’t know what’s in Ibuprofen, Tylenol, or other meds, but it cures his headaches and pains …

Do we know what’s in 100% orange juice, or soap or shampoo or even deodorants. Do we know the long term effect of cell phone use or whether or not that restaurant we ate at REALLY used clean foods and washed their hands? There’s a lot of things we don’t know and never will…

So people say they’ve had two jabs and still caught covid so why bother? Well, how bad might it have been if you hadn’t had the vaccine? I trust my ‘doctor’ and recommend him to you and everything he prescribes to treat a multitude of sins! When the treatment doesn’t work they blame him and argue the treatment isn’t safe, but how bad would things be if you didn’t make the visit to the ‘doctor’ I recommend?

I am told that it is difficult to get an appointment with the doctor, but mine is always available and I am talking to him about all the burdens that weary and worry me. He gives me the healing I need, every day, and I know what is in the treatment that he prescribes: Peace, trust and hope mixed with undiluted love.

Delivering home communion to people who are housebound is not something that can be left in a designated safe place as with parcels from Amazon, DPD or the Post Office. The Bread and Wine are so valuable that they have to be delivered in person and if people can’t get to church it is a privilege to take Jesus to them. So it was a frustrated church leader who couldn’t get an answer to the knock on the door and went away concerned that they might be in hospital only to receive a message later in the day to say: “Sorry we missed you, but we forgot and went out for coffee with friends!”

If they could go out for morning coffee with friends why couldn’t they get to church, was the question, followed by the comment: “We’re not providing meals on wheels!”

I have been preparing for two services this Sunday and will also be joining a conference discussing Faith in Later Life on Saturday. That will be my theme on the Yourchurch zoom service with the title, We are never too old to fly on the wings of faith!If you can cope with me twice in one day see the message that follows:


Sunday 6.30pm

Christian spirituality can sometimes be very toxic and have very little to do with the sort of faith Jesus calls us to – ie following him along the Way of the Cross.  And no more so when it comes to our longing to avoid the difficult and heart-breaking aspects of life.  There’s the kind of nonsense we tell ourselves about soaring above problems if we’re disciples of Jesus … and then there’s the real deal!

The kind of life God wants us to ecxperience in Jesus through the Spirit has the Bible writers reaching for the image of soaring on eagle’s wings. Richard Becher will help us explore and connect with that life. Join us by clicking on the link

As we come together in worship we can pray….

Loving God,
since the start of the ages, 
Your people have met You in worship.

In grove and tent, home and temple,
synagogue and church, mosque and gurdwara,
humanity still seeks Your presence.

Let our experience of You in worship change us,
fill us with love and peace,
correct us when we err,
that, strengthened by You,
we will witness, evangelise and serve Your people.  Amen.

That is a prayer from Andy Braunston who is writing the Daily Reflections on Worship this week.

We always meet someone when we step out of our front door and this week it was two Catholic sisters who I started talking to. Amazingly they were visiting from Lymington and will now be attending my Induction Service on Sunday October 10th. We say it so often, but “what a small world!”

When we came to Broadway for our interview with the Elders we went for fish and chips at Russells and met Lela and her family. She was from Uganda and we mentioned how we support project Shalom and not only did she know of the project but she knew our friend Juliet who runs it.

Are such encounters coincidences are part of some plan God has?

I am excited to see that St Thomas, the local parish church in Lymington, has been awarded an Eco Church gold award. I will be exploring how they have done it when I get there.



(A Prayer in the Midst of Pandemic) 

The sun still shines,
The rain still falls
And the wind still blows –

The constant rhythms of life
Reminding us that your hand
Still rests upon all Creation.

Amidst the uncertainty,
And confusion,
And untold tears,

When the ups are far outnumbered
By the downs,

Remind us that you are still there –

With us,
Amongst us
Around us,

Ever constant.
Always there –

Just as the sun still shines, 
The rain still falls, 
And the wind will never cease to blow.  Amen

Karen Campbell, URC Secretary for Global & Intercultural Ministries

God Bless, Richard