Don’t ignore the cracks

Dear Friends,

Dont ignore the cracks

but fix them quick

to build a house where love can dwell!

I confess that I have indulged myself in watching more daytime television with a cup of tea during lockdown and I got a timely reminder from the BBC programme, Homes Under the Hammer, during the week of a lesson I learned many years ago: Dont ignore the cracks, but fix em while you can!

For those of you who have not seen it, Homes under the Hammer follows the story of people who buy houses at auction then modernise, refurbish or rebuild to live in, rent or sell at a profit. Its not something I would be very good at because I must confess to being one of those DIY experts with a difference — DESTROY IT YOURSELF! If I build a wardrobe bought from IKEA it would fall down and my decorating skills include papering over the cracks and hiding the holes behind pictures. No-one seems to notice.

We havent needed to go to an auction to get involved in a major house building project, but we are on a mission to develop a home in which God can rejoice! Our mission is the work in progress and our vision is to be living as family in the Kingdom of God.

So, I was watching Homes Under the Hammer, when I saw the house with a crack from top to bottom of a wall and that if it wasnt fixed it could cause irreparable damage to the building in the future. Ignore the cracks and the house could fall down, but fix em now and the building can last forever.

Small things can cause big cracks. Big cracks can cause major damage. Major damage can be expensive, or even impossible, to repair so dont ignore it. Find out what causes it and fix it quick!

We are all bricks in the building of family, community or church. All of us are important and to be valued for how we help the building to develop but an unhappy brick, or two, can cause cracks to develop. The lesson I am reminded to observe is that the most important bricks are not the majority that make the building look good, but the few that are unhappy. Democracy can encourage us to walk with the many and leave the few behind, but the building only gets stronger by listening to the minority. Dont ignore the cracks or paper them over as if plastering a minor wound, because the damage can get much worse.

We see it happening in politics as governments claim to work to build the nation. We see it in families where we can ignore minor issues of concern for the sake of peace, but pay a high price later. We can see it in Church where our vision is to live together in the Kingdom to come, but if we ignore the cracks, or the unhappy bricks. we are not doing the will of our Father on earth as in heaven. Dont ignore the cracks, but fix em while you can! That includes our own personal cracks because to ignore them can cause serious damage to the home in which God wants to live!

Silence doesnt fix the cracks which is why we are called to proclaim the gospel; to shout for justice; to reach out in love and to be a light of hope in the darkness so dont neglect the unhappy bricks, but listen to them and fix the cracks! As for the unhappy bricks? They dont want to see the cracks, but to be heard they must raise their voices so we can work together to build the house where love can dwell and ALL can safely live. Umm! I have a crack to fix in myself before I try fixing anyone elses cracks! I am so glad someone saw it and told me.

Share HOPE this Christmas: The Broadway Community Christmas Hamper has helped some low income families have enough food to enjoy a Christmas meal and it will continue this year, but with a difference. Due to Covid-19 we are being asked for donations of money not food. The money you give will become food that we give through a Christmas Hamper delivered with love from our community!

The Co-op will also help by providing the food with a 10% discount and a space for the packing of boxes. So far the fund has raised about £1500 and you can add to that either through give a little website or with cash or a cheque to Broadway PCCand writing Christmas Hamperon the back and posting: The Vicarage, Church Street, Broadway, WR12 7AE.

We also need people to donate their hands and time to help pack and to deliver. The packing can start week beginning December 7th with two people at any one time able to work in the upstairs room of the Co-op. It is planned for the hampers to be delivered on December 17th and 18th and we would like couples/pairs from a household to volunteer for this. If you can help with packing or delivering or both please let Shellie (01386 852352) or me know. In each of the last two years we have delivered about 25 hampers and the need could be even great this year so lets share our community love as we all seek that great gift of hope this Christmas.

God Bless, Richard