Don’t pray for a miracle

Dear Friends,

Dont pray for a miracle —

Listen to the warnings!

Matthew 21: 33-46

Donald Trump said something that made me realise that we wouldnt need miracles if we did as we were told! He said the treatment he received for coronavirus was a miracle from God, but would he have needed such mighty intervention if he had listened to all the warnings?

Many prophets have warned against what will happen if we dont do the will of God but we dont listen so then have to pray for miracles to save us. If we dont receive the miracle its all Gods fault, but if we had trusted the Word of God we wouldnt have needed the miracle!

There is a warning on a packet of cigarettes that if you smoke there is a danger to your health in the future. There are warning signs on gambling adverts that when the fun stops stopand if you dont stop, you dont know what it will do to your future. There are warning signs not to drink and driveand if you do there is no knowing how many lives might be ruined in the future.

There are warning signs everywhere about washing hands, making space and covering face and if we ignore them we dont know what might happen to our future or the lives of others!

The biggest gamble is to ignore what God tells us through the many prophets and His Son. They are beaten, stoned, abused, persecuted and killed by people who dont want to give up what theyve got for a better tomorrow, but like every loving parent our Father doesnt give up. If only we would listen we would save ourselves a lot of pain!

A lot of good people do foolish things and when they look back wish they hadnt done what they did, but by then its too late, the damage is done. The warnings are to help us have a better tomorrow, but we live for today! Making the most out of today for ourselves seems to be more important than making the best for tomorrow for future generations, but if we take what we can from today there wont be anything left tomorrow! Weve been warned about the dangers of what our tomorrow might be like if we continue to do what we want to do today.

A prophesy doesnt have to happen. If we do the will of God and live by the Word he sent we can, STOP IT HAPPENING!Thats what Jesus came for, to save the world that God loves and if we do as were told we wont need miracles!