From Us to You…

(Hebrews 13: 2)

YOU are the stranger walking by.
You are the angel for us to welcome.
You are the neighbour we never knew.
You have a voice we want to hear.
You have a love for us to receive.
You are a friend we’ve never met.
You are a Samaritan who gives your time.
Thank you for stopping to share a prayer.
Please, bless us with peace before you leave.
Thank you for being

How are you today?
May this be a day I make you smile
not cause you to cry…
I don’t have a prayer list of demands
just one, that I obey your commands.
That with my hands I will give not take;
that my heart will take what you give
and my words will be from the heart.
When evening comes,
may you be smiling, Lord,
as you see your will has been done
on earth as in heaven…. Amen.