Healing from a distance

Dear Friends,

Healing from a distance

with your prayers…

mark 7: 24-30 and Luke 7: 1-10

There are some amazing stories of Jesus healing from a distance without visiting the patient, but should I have the same faith in our doctors?

Jesus didnt even consult with the patient by Zoom or telephone or have the advantage of photograph, but had a spiritual connection that healed them where they were. The healing happened because people went to him and asked, begged or prayed, for him to heal or drive out a demon. Its difficult to get a face to face consultation with a doctor in the Covid climate, but healing can happen from a distance and you can help!

I am not comfortable with Zoom or telephone appointments with a doctor and a friend of mine was very unhappy when being asked to send photographs before a consultation. When he was told the photographs were not good enough and could he take them again he lost his cool, demanded a face to face appointment — and got it. It can help to get angry, but the most important factor that can help healing happen from a distance is prayer. Your prayer! You are the great Physicians Assistant. With your help doctors can heal from a distance.

It was the faith of a Centurion and a woman in asking Jesus for help that made the difference. When we go to Jesus for help healing can happen without him seeing the patient, but the doctor might not be able to do it on his own. Take the needs of your friends and family to the Physician and they can be healed where they are.

Healing from a distance also happens over the telephone and as we move slowly to further lockdowns, and more isolation, we can prepare ourselves to be the voice that can give encouragement and strength in adverse circumstances. I will talk about that next week, but please know you have a vital role in healing from a distance by taking peoples needs to Jesus.

I dont need more faith in doctors, but I need a greater faith that Jesus can respond to our prayers and heal through the love, care and wisdom of the doctors.