Join together to dispel the darkness!

Dear Friends,

Join together to dispel the darkness!

Matthew 5: 14-16

One single light is a sign of hope in the darkness, but a city of lights displaces the darkness and brings hope to life. One voice is a whisper of peace in the silence, but many voices is a choir of angels declaring peace to the world. One light or one voice, can be an inspiring sign or whisper, but it needs others to make something happen.

The word often used to describe someone has been, unsurprisingly, voiced about HRH Prince Philip. Inspirational is the word, but unless people are inspired to do something the legacy they leave is devalued by our complacency. So much of what he did and said was an inspiration and I pray that his light might multiply into a city on a hill! Nothing changes unless we are changed to make the change happen.

His loyalty to his wife, the Queen, over 70 years plus, has been an inspiration for every relationship as he has shown how a great man can have the humility to be beside a great woman so that she can be a light for the nation. When a great man and a great woman work side by side trusting in God they come together as if creating one image of hope for all to see.

That he could play the humble partner in a relationship is an inspiration for many to follow, but how many do? How many people depart the world having been an inspiration, but see little change from what they have said or done? People were inspired by the teaching, preaching and healing of our Lord Jesus, but it wasnt until after his death that more people were inspired to live his message in their own lives. He was a light of inspiration in the darkness and when many lights shine together the darkness will be overcome.

Over 50 years ago Prince Philip warned at a World Wildlife Fund dinner that wildlife in the world is disappearing because of widespread ignorance and neglect.A year later he told a conference in Australia that the conservation of nature, the proper care for the human environment and a general concern for the long term future of the whole of our planet are absolutely vital if future generations are to have a chance to enjoy their existence on earth.

So many people are inspiring with their words and what they do, but when will we be inspired into action? I do pray that Prince Philip will look down from heaven with a smile when he sees how the little light of his has become a great city of lights that dispel the darkness surrounding us. So many of us are discouraged because we feel our voices are of no value, but Prince Philip was shouting for 50 years and was frustrated by the slow change of attitude so, please, let our little voices join the big voices to make a difference. Let our little lights join with the bigger lights and fill the world with One big light!

Another life I find inspiring is that of Lela Burbridge who spoke to us on Friday night and I pray that we will be inspired into action by her story. If you havent read her books or heard her story please take the opportunity to do so and I pray we can build a relationship that can help other children like her to find hope from the ashes!

Lela’s books can be bought from her website at Lela Ashes can also be bought on Amazon (not currently on website) but if anyone wants a signed copy please do let her know as you can do a back transfer and she will send them across or she will sign all copies when she visit sometime in the very near future.

Lela would also like to share about the initiative to educate children in Africa if any of the churches members would like to support her community through the mobile library

Money from the two books Lela:Ashes of Childhoodand Tendo’s Gift’ is going directly to the Rafiki Thabo foundation to support education in Africa. From Dare to Trust Gods Wordgoes to support her family, who are still living in poverty, and the community Library.

I had an email last night from Eric who says: “I have read completely Lelas book non stop throughout Saturday and Sunday. Kpow!

The world is so full of evil. Again I find it so hard to rationalise the rich alongside the poverty. This all happened in our life time.

And people complain about their lives.

My next letter this week will be on Thursday — when I will remind you of the above link — and also let you know what is happening on Friday.

Jo Williamson will be preaching on Sunday morning and as always we need to know if you would like to attend, but this week can you please contact Judith Gibbons