Love is music to the heart.

Dear Friends,

1 Corinthians 13

Love is music to the heart.

Music isnt love to the ear!

As is usual during the day I was listening to UCB (United Christian Broadcasting) RADIO this week and was encouraged by the thought that God doesnt hear what we hear.

A Christian musician and worship leader was sharing his story of a visit to India when he visited to a church service and the Pastor started playing, or rather making noise, on the keyboard.

It was a tuneless, painful noise — excruciating, I think he said — but after a while the visiting worship leader noticed how the congregation were raising their arms to heaven and praising the Lord. The Spirit was singing through the noise and using it to make music for God.

God doesnt hear the tuneless noise from our mouths, but dances to the music from our hearts. The thought wants to make ME want to sing, but I had better wait until I am on my own with God!

For all of you who, like me, cause pain to the human ear, it is encouraging to know that our singing can give joy to the heart! Now I really do believe that everyone can sing and if no-one else does God finds pleasure in what he hears. Now youre really disappointed that we wont be able to sing when we start services again, arent you?

Its like my inside out reflection two weeks ago with our inside revealing the true image of God rather than what the human eye judges to be what people are like. Inside out people can turn the world upside down because its not only what is SEEN on the inside that makes the difference but also what is heard from the heart not the mouth that gives glory to God.

Lord, please turn me inside out
so people dont see
the shape of my body,
the look on my face
or the colour of my skin
but see the shape of my heart
is in the image of your love

Lord, please turn me inside out
so people dont hear
the tone in my voice,
the lack of a rhythm
or words with no meaning,
but hear the song of my heart
that makes love dance into life.

Lord, please turn me inside out
because inside out people
will turn the world upside down
with the music that they make
and the love that is seen