Oh no, that’s another fine mess!

Dear Friends,

“Oh no, thats another fine mess Ive gotten everyone into so Im going to stop doing anything!

Some people begin to believe what they are told when they hear the Laurel and Hardy catchphrase spoken about them: Thats another fine mess youve got me into!

I realise that I make a lot of mistakes, and maybe cause a lot of messes, but messes can be cleaned up so, please, dont be discouraged from doing things because you always seem to make a mess.

I was talking to someone this week who said that they have so many inadequacies and make such a mess of so many things that it would be better if they didnt do anything! My response to them, and to anyone who is thinking of giving up, was to say: One strength is more powerful than one thousand inadequacies!

I would rather make a mess trying to do my best rather than stop trying for fear of the mess I might make! Better to help each other clear up any mess and not blame each other for making it because if there is no mess it is probably because weve all stopped doing anything!

I have got so many things wrong in the past that people have told me about, but I pray there are some things that have been right that have gone without mention. When the mess happens we can beat ourselves up and retire from the fight or pick ourselves up and battle on with love the one strength that is more powerful than all our inadequacies.

I can imagine the disciples thinking, thats a fine mess hes got us intoand locking themselves away in fear or denying ever knowing him or abandoning their friend in his time of greatest need. What a fine mess he got us into, but when we stick together the strength of Love we share will overcome all our inadequacies! God is always in the mess with us when we do things with the right motives and it is only the mess made through selfish motives that is harder to clean up.

So, however inadequate you feel today know that you have one strength that will overcome all the messes of life!

It was difficult yesterday if you wanted to vote for a person rather than a party because the election candidates seemed to be anonymous characters hidden behind party manifestos. No-one introduced themselves and unless you took the trouble to find out you didnt know who the candidates were until arriving at the poling station. There was a name of a person, a party they represented and a box for a cross. I know there have been unusual circumstances, but honesty and integrity are important characteristics of the person because that doesnt always seem to be delivered by the party! I had one leaflet through the door and there were four candidates so we had to find out through the internet who they were. Not very personal and what about the many who dont use computers? Yes, I agree, as we are blessed with a democracy we should make sure we use our vote, but what is more important: The character of the person or the manifesto of the person?

I heard someone answer that question: One person wont change the country, but a party can!I am going to vote with my feet and continue to follow the ONE person who challenged the traditions of religion and politics to change the world!

The Church in Society group lead the service this Sunday with the focus on Christian Aid Week that begins on Monday. We continue with a small choir singing and this week the hymns will be: Rejoice and Sing 39 – All creatures of our God and King. 85 – God in his love for us lent us this planet; 321 – Your words to me are life and health and 415 – You shall go out with joy. If you didnt attend the service last week please let me know if you would like a seat this week.

Ann Walters would still like to hear from anyone who can walk and dropduring the week so that people can donate through envelopes delivered through specified letter boxes.

On Saturday May 15th we are setting up a book stall from which all proceeds will be donated to Christian Aid so please come along and find that book for reading on a rainy day or from the garden deckchair in the sun!

We welcome a new organist on Sunday in Mark Blackwell, who has recently moved to the area. I am sure you will give him the warm Broadway welcome — even without the hugs and handshakes!