Selling with love for the neighbours!

Dear Friends,

Selling with love for the neighbours!

Matthew 19: 16-24

Once upon a time, there was a little old woman who lived in a dream house in a street full of wonderful people she loved in a beautiful village. Sadly, the day came when she had to move a care home and there were plenty of people who wanted to buy her dream house in a street full of wonderful people in a beautiful village. So she was offered top price for a house which only someone with a lot of money could buy. So what did she do? What would you do? What would 99% of the population do when offered top price for the house they had to sell?

As we start a second lockdownwe will see and hear of many stories of people who put community before self interest, but not many will inspire me more than what this little old woman did. She took the house off the market and told a young family who looked at it, but couldnt afford it: You can have the house for what you can afford!

I dont know whether my detail is accurate of a little old ladywith a dream housein a beautiful village, but the essence of the story is true and when we live in a culture of getting as much as we can at any cost isnt it refreshing to know that there are people who will put the love for their neighbours before any personal gain? Love for neighbours doesnt end when you move, but is a legacy left behind that helps a community grow. The woman wanted to do the best thing for the neighbours she was leaving behind and a young family will have a home they thought could only be a dream.

That sounds like God working through love and if you want the real story have a chat with Pam who is a member of our church family. It might be a little different, but no less inspiring!

We all know in our heads what we shouldnt do, and most of us dont, but do we do what our hearts tell us we should do. Our heads can tell us to get what we can for ourselves, but if we follow our hearts we will want to do what we can for our neighbours. I was reminded of a Brian May song , Let your heart rule your head,and suggest that when your whole world is sinking, come to my way of thinking, let your heart rule your head tonight!

The world will suggest you listen to what your head tells you, but our heart will tell us to go an extra mile and do something to help others rather than protecting our own interests. There has been a lot of that happening during the lockdowns so, like the woman who sold her house for less than she could, listen to the music and let your heart (or should I say, faith) rule your head!

Dancing can put a bit of joy into lockdownlife and I received a lovely fruit cake from Pat last week with a note that said: “I’ve enjoyed myself making it whilst singing and dancing to the 60s songs such as Only the lonely’, ‘Rollover Beethovenand ‘Peggy Sue.’ I did say, dancingcan put joy into lockdown life not “singing.” So you dont have to be heard and increase the misery of lockdown for others! If Im dancing you can close your eyes.

I pray that God will listen to my friend who is still looking for a house with unicorns and mermaids and rainbows in the night sky and show him the right place at the right price. Hes only human and its impossible for him to find what he wants, but with God everything is possible! Dreams can become reality as a family found out through a woman who listened to her heart. They didnt want unicorns, mermaids and rainbows as well though!