The Giant with the whole world in his hands


Dear Friends,

The Giant with the whole world in his hands

God is the Giant of our lives who holds the whole world in his hands and wants us to be as BIG as Jesus in what we can do. With the biggest heart, the longest arms and the best vision everyone is loved, embraced and seen by God. No hiding in the garden or under a bushel God forgives and wants YOU to be a shining light to the world.

We do a lot of FOLLOWING of Jesus, as we are told to, but in following we are getting to know Jesus better so that we can begin BEING like Jesus — and thats when other people will get to know Jesus for who he really is! BEING like Jesus is what we aspire to in our faith and together we can be those long arms that reach where we never thought we could reach and we can see beyond the horizon with a far greater vision than our eyes can see.

As Church, as Christians, together we can be the spiritual heartbeat of our community and we can become the arms that reach out with the hands that hold the whole world in Love! As I listened to Diane Bennett in presenting a talk about the work of Caring Hands in the Vale on Saturday I saw this very image of the Giant who is trying to make us all bigger and stronger than before. God our Giant lifts us up from where we are and gives us the strength to be who were created to be!

As we work together in the One Body of Christ we become more than good news, we show people the great, all embracing love that brings healing to the world. We have been reaching out through our activities, donations to charities and relationships with different people, but the arms can be longer, the heart bigger and the vision greater as we grow to know the Christ in each other better. We have supported the work of Caring Hands for many years, but as they plan for a move to a new building in Evesham we can help them be more than a building to go to. We can extend the arms so that people dont have to travel to find what they need, but what they need can find them!

Caring Hands have grown from a group providing occasional food parcels 18-years-ago to become a charity that is making a big difference in local communities by relieving the pressure of poverty and need in the Vale of Evesham. It is becoming more than a project providing food parcels for families in need, but now has a vision to raise awareness about modern day slavery and to educate families in healthy eating and cooking. Can we be the arms that reach out from a building in Evesham to the people in Broadway?

Looking over the horizon with better vision we might see people who cant afford the healthy food because it is more expensive; or the cost of gym membership to improve health. With better vision we will see so many people who cant afford electric cars by 2030 or affordable housing because it is measured on the average house price in the country and it doesnt demand a lot of imagination to realise that the power will always be with us — and in greater numbers. Being poor is manageable, but the changes to come can push the poor into poverty while more become poor.

Thats not what God wants and the Giants heart is big with love, long in reach and has a vision further than we can ever hope to see and if we work together as Churches and projects we will stop being FOLLOWERS of Jesus together and start BEING Jesus to each other. Then we will be like the giants that God made us to be and able to hold the whole world in our hands with loving care.

There will be a Maundy Thursday Communion Service by Zoom at 7pm on March 31st (details next Monday) and also a Good Friday reflection at 6pm. On Easter Sunday we resume church services at 10-30, but please let me know if you would like to attend as we need to plan seating in accordance with Covid guidelines.

Lord, so many people who have died.

So many families left grieving.

We struggle to understand.

A pandemic and a loving God?

We rail at the suffering and injustice;

When death counts obscure the sorrow of each individual;

Each precious person lost; each loved one left behind broken.

Our eyes blur with tears and through them a figure takes shape:

of another agonising and weeping;

the crucified Christ aching to embrace and share our sorrow.

Be with us, Lord.


By Professor Graham Handscomb, member of Christchurch URC, Chelmsford

Also continue to remember Diannes daughter Charlotte Hughes in your prayers and the family of David Savage.

Patrick Murunga and his new ministry in Kenya to care for the Pastors.

Christine Brownes daughter Claire, Susan Nuttall, Michael Eden, Frank and Christine, Kathy Hancock, Shirley Caddy, Pam, Mavis Payne, Vicky

The many others who need our prayers at this time but dont appear on any prayer list.