The Truth is written in stone!

Dear Friends,

The Truth is written in stone!

Matthew 4: 1-4

One day, sometime in the future, a space ship will land on Planet Earth and scientists in a far away world will be excited at the possibility of finding out whether there was ever life on this dot of light in the wilderness of space.

They will see huge empty craters which were once filled with water for seas and lakes and crooked lines in the dust will trace the course of rivers through green spaces on the planet. The excitement will be intense as people question whether there could have ever been life on Planet Earth and they will look forward to learning the truth from the dust, rocks and stones found in the wilderness. There is a story to be found in the stones that will last forever because they cannot be broken.

My grandchildren were still awake when we finished Church Meeting last Thursday because they had stayed up to watch the landing of Perseverance on Mars and were amazed by the achievement. Many stories are written from the imagination of children, but the biggest story ever written can be read in the stones! Thats the story of Gods creation that cant be changed because it is the truth written in stone to last forever. Its not for miracle makers to change because every word that comes from the mouth of God is the only Truth that will show the way to eternal life!

I wonder if the stones on Mars will tell us the story of a planet God threw into the universe at the beginning of time and the great MYSTERY of creation will produce more questions than answers for humanity to ponder. God writes the Truth in stone and the sad thing is, perhaps, we keep trying to change it into what we like and want. Give us bread, Lord, in our wilderness and we will worry about the truth later…!”

Is it possible that every word that comes from the mouth of God is written in stone so that it cant be changed? When we hold the unbreakable Truth in our heart, and believe, trust and live it we will be holding the whole world in our hands with a love and compassion that leads us through the wilderness to a new life.

There is so much amazing MYSTERY in our faith and that is the theme with which we start our Lent series on Wednesday at which Kathryn Louch will introduce a BBC talk by James Runcie. For our opening prayers you could have a stone, some bread and a drink available — part of your lunch — to help us start reflecting on the Truth that cannot be broken!

If we repent of breaking the truth we can start healing the pain that we cause to the earth and its people. By taking our responsibility to care for the earth we will be caring for each other and together we will save the world that God loves so much that he sent his Son to save it. You have probably heard that a lot lately, but not enough previously! We are dependent on the earth for our life and God gave us the responsibility to care for the world and produce life from the earth. So our Lent weekend began with a personal reflection from one of our members who wants to remain anonymous, but if you have read previous letters you will know who it is. However, after my introduction he insists the views are his own and not necessarily those of the church. Please read this attachment:

I am sure you are familiar with those weekends that make you wonder what will go wrong next! It starts with a headache which suggests the best thing to do is stay in bed, but, of course, we stubbornly resist such common sense! Then when my clean socks suddenly feel very wet I notice that the downstairs toilet is flooded! Mop up mess, identify cause of problem and put on another fresh pair of socks which have a hole in them! Should have stayed in bed and then Virginia would have done the clean up job! Having survived that little episode I decide to deliver copies of my weekly letters to Honeybourne with some doorstep pastoral care and conversation at a window with someone else. The car will not start and after many turns of the key I conclude that the battery is flat and Im not going anywhere. Oh well, I can continue with what I was doing on the computer. No, I cant: It has switched itself off and refuses to start again. Time to lie down and do what I should have done in the first place — rested my aching head which is now worse than it was!

If you have heard the violin playing in your ear and have some jump leads we could borrow for five minutes we will be happy to see you. Dont forget to bring your car though, will you! The computer has started again. Maybe it had a virus and recovered after a rest from the stress of using so much memory. I must remember to ask about a plumber today….! (Oh, it was re-assuring to see that Shellie had computer problems as well with wi-fi and sending emails!)

The next ‘Saturday Morning Talkarranged by the Church in Society Group is on 20th March at 10.15 for 10.30 when Diane Bennett has kindly agreed to talk about Caring Hands in the Vale. Following the excellent address by Brother Benedict, we’ll be asking the Church for spare supermarket vouchers and blankets etc to assist with his ongoing work.

God Bless, Richard