Transformed Worship

Dear Friends,

Transformed Worship

Romans 12: 1-3

When I say goodbye to the grandchildren I blow a kiss and they jump with outstretched arm to catch it. Then they blow one back and they shout: Granddad! You dropped it!

We had better start practicing kiss catchingfor when we start services again because there will be no hugs or handshakes to welcome each other. We will also have to wear masks so must get used to smiling with our eyes and making our voices feel like a hug! Weve had a lot of practice with our voices during many phone calls over the months so hopefully we can continue to make love speak through our masks.

The greatest loss for many people will be a good sing. I have even heard ministers say that a service without singing isnt for mebut it might be the new reality. I understand we can HUM, but not sing, so we can praise God with humming and clapping. I will have to consult with Marion on the best hymns we can do that too so we can celebrate and praise the Lord when we return to services, hopefully on August 30th.

I have to remind myself that worship isnt a Sunday activity, but every activity is worship — and we dont sing at every activity. What we are used to doing is showing our worship for the Christ in each other with the hugs and kisses and our social interaction with conversation tea and coffee. Its in that welcoming each other that we welcome Jesus and I dont have to sing to do that, which is fortunate for everyone when I am involved! Yes, I agree services wont be the same without singing, but there are things Ill miss more.

Making a phone call can be an act of worship, or meeting someone on the street, because every encounter is meant to be an expression of the great love of God. Our spiritual act of worship is to offer ourselves — heart, mind and soul — not just our voices, to please God. Perhaps we have been conforming to a traditional worldly understanding of worship and our mind does need transforming! We want to get back to the things that we like, but is what what we like pleasing to God?