What do these trees have in common?

Dear Friends,

What do these trees have in common?

Some officers from Wychavon Planning Department apparently visited Church yesterday and decided we dont need planning permission for Christmas Trees!They probably went away either angry that we had wasted their time or having a good laugh at our expense or that of their boss for sending them.

I hope they came back with our application in hand to see that we are asking permission for a Jesse Tree that is 3.5 metres high and 2 metres wide and is made of metal! Of course, they might have done their homework and googled the meaning of Jesse Tree so got confused by visiting at Advent and finding our wonderful Christmas Tree display all lit up and leading to our Advent Window. The Trees do have something in common as you can see from the google explanation:

“Jesse Tree is a way of preparing for Advent by journeying through the stories on Jesuss family tree. Each day of Advent, read a Bible story about someone on Jesuss family tree and hang an ornament symbolizing the story on your Jesse Tree. As you decorate your tree, youll see how God prepared for Jesus to be born through many generations.

We dont need planning permission for Christmas Trees as they are not permanent so does that mean we could rename the Jesse Tree? There are some things in common between the trees, but I think there are too many differences for planners to overlook. We hope it can be accepted as a wonderful attraction for Broadway against the Manse Wall — but it wont be for this Christmas.

I was also encouraged and amused by comments on the Broadway Facebook Page this week. Encouraged by so many appreciative comments about our Advent Window and Avenue of Trees, but then amused by a comment immediately beneath our picture with 135 ‘likes.’

There are some sheep on the road up Fish Hill near the turning for the Fish Hotel. Does anyone know who the farmer is?

My imagination wondered whether the sheep had been abandoned by shepherds who had gone off to find the baby Jesus! They have probably lost their jobs for negligence now — and they were a bit early to find what they were looking for!