An Unthinkable question!

Dear Friends,

An Unthinkable question!

Matthew 18: 21-35

Forgive me for asking an unthinkable question, but can we forgive God? Not because God has done anything wrong, but there are a lot of things we dont like that can be forgiven as much as our sin!

The rate of forgiveness is 70 x 7, but thats on a one to one basis so multiply that by the number of your friends, by the members of your family, by everyone at work or school and by every stranger you meet. Its like trying to count the number of stars in the sky so dont try because were not meant to. Forgiveness, if we take the message seriously, is in every breath of life, like love. Remember, not everyone SINS against us, but there are a lot of things we dont like that we need to forgive.

God also does a lot of things we dont like so are we allowed to forgive God for asking us to carry a cross, travel into the wilderness, to lay down our life for our friends, to confront injustice and LOVE our enemies to name but a few challenging commands.

There are messes everywhere that need to be cleared up. Whether in business or politics or in church and society God chooses people to help do the job. Why me, we cry! Can I forgive God from my heart for choosing me then accept the responsibility and do what I have been chosen to do? Or, have I got to ask God to forgive me for my questions and doubts? Forgive as we are forgiven suggests it is both.

I’m not asking the unthinkable question because of what I dont like though. Im remembering the victims who think its so unfair when they have been stripped of dignity and choked of life only to see the perpetrators forgiven and let go when they pay what they owe. Its tough being a victim with the expectation to forgive the abusers, the oppressors, the persecutors, the bluffers, the mockers and scoffers before their own pain is healed. Imagine what it is like, if you can, how you would feel if the abductor of your child, the rapist or terrorist who has caused you pain was forgiven, not by you, but by God. Hard enough if you have a strong faith, but if you have none?

As unthinkable as it may be can we encourage victims to forgive God so they can then draw closer to God to find the healing they need that leads to a new life? Forgive me for asking such an unthinkable question, but I think God would rather be forgiven than constantly blamed for all the suffering and pain!