For nothing is impossible with God

Dear Friends,

For nothing is impossible with God

Luke 1: 37

When a friend visited during the week he said how he is looking for a new house with a view of stars and rainbow and unicorns racing across the sky! If anyone knows where he can find such a property please let me know so that I can tell him.

I dont want to disillusion him, but Ive never seen stars and rainbows together in the night sky! It sounds more pie in the sky than rainbows and stars, but God challenges us to think impossibly big and fairytales have inspired many children in the past so maybe I should encourage him to start writing. It might be the best selling fairytale of stars and rainbows and unicorns dancing in the sky that will earn him the money to buy the house of his dreams.

You dont know what you can achieve unless you try so why not aim for the dream house with rainbow, stars and unicorns. If a cow can jump over the moon as a cat plays a fiddle to the delight of little children we can pray that with some of our own hey diddle diddling we can achieve the impossible.

Everything seems so impossible at present as we seem stuck in ‘crisis covid’ and we dont like it because we like to be in control. If were not in control we like to think someone else is so we can blame them if anything goes wrong. If we cant get ourselves out of it then its their job to get us out of the mess! We expect wise leadership, but that wisdom often comes with experience and no-one has experienced what Covid is inflicting on the world now. If we dont like what we are told we wont do it and were not doing it. Boris and the government have got no chance. Ask God who has been trying to tell us since the beginning of time how to live the good life!

Like my friend I am looking for a new house with a view and many people will think I am more foolish than he is. My home isnt a fairytale waiting to be written, but a story waiting to happen. Its a dream house we can help build among the stars, with a beautiful rainbow as a promise of peace and a choir of angels singing AMEN as we finish what God wants us to build on earth. I dont know when I am going to find this dream house, but I have to think impossibly big and if I do as the Architect says, it will happen.

There is something extraordinary happening now and I pray we will listen and understand. Boris and the government cant do what needs to be done, but dont blame them because no opposition will do any better. The leaders in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, China, America dont know the answer, and neither do their opponents. No leader of any nation on earth can do the impossible so why are we blaming each other when were all making the same mistake — and not trusting in God?

I’m not laughing at my friend because I believe in the impossible, but I am more likely to see angels dancing with rainbows and stars rather than unicorns racing across the sky! We dont always find what we want immediately so I think I will encourage my friend to listen carefully to God and consider other opportunities first because good things come to those who wait. Whether it is his dream or mine we are on a journey to the impossible with God in our hearts

Dont laugh, because it will happen! (Genesis 18: 10-15)

God Bless, Richard