Plastic in the tea!

Dear Friends,

Plastic in the tea…!

I never knew my daily cups of tea could be so damaging to the planet. Its not the tea thats the problem, but that little bag that I drop into a cup and pour boiling water on can be a killer. Its got a plastic content that might not be biodegradable!

So my four tea bags a day can be choking sea life or polluting the land and Im committed to helping save the planet!

I can argue, like a lot of people, that my four tea bags a day wont make much of a difference in the bigger picture of 100 million daily brews in the country or the 25,000 cups consumed every second. What difference will my 28 tea bags used each week make to the 36 billion a year? Every little bit helps!

We can all wonder what difference we can make on our own, but were not on our own in trying to save the planet. We are following Jesus who was sent by God to save the creation he loved so much and there should be a few million of us around the world who can make a BIG difference with our little contributions! There do not need to be so many plastic coated tea bags damaging the planet so check whether your brand is biodegradable when you next want a cup.

After watching War on Plastic: The Fight Goes On (BBC1) on Tuesday evening I was relieved to find that the brand of tea bags we use are biodegradable, but many well known brands are not. We can make changes that make a difference or persuade manufacturers to contribute to saving the planet. Our little bit helps!

With one of my brews I used to like a sandwich picked up from the supermarket, but I am pleased that habit has finished because you cant trust labels or whats in the packaging! After eating the sandwich I used to tear out the plastic window and put the cardboard container in the recycling bin because I wanted to do my little bit in saving the planet. It said widely recycledon the label, but thats wrong because the whole package has a coating of plastic that cant be recycled.

I hope that the labels we use for our faith mean what they say. Christian meaning people who are trying to live like Jesus. Church, a community of people sharing the love of Christ. A welcoming church is exactly that or a multi-cultural church embraces people of all cultures, but what about the label we have recently committed ourselves to: Eco-Church — Is that what people find in the packaging of Broadway United Reformed Church or is it just a label? We can make a big difference with a little help from our friends!

God Bless, Richard