Don’t make waves

Dear Friends,

Don’t make waves;

cause ripples on the water!

The words we speak can land like a stone in a lake — and we might never know how far the ripples will reach.

We can often be concerned that what we say can sink without trace like a stone that is thrown into the water. It might land with a plop or skim the surface before sinking, but it can send a message further than we think. We dont know which shoreline they will touch, but the ripples stop somewhere! Some people make waves with campaigns for change, but more of us are gentle in our approach and only cause ripples. You might be surprised at the difference you can make.

It was an encouraging challenge from my friend Israel, the Methodist minister, that made me think that if we cause ripples together we can reach places that matter most. Israel wrote on Monday to say “thank you Richard, for your passion and reflection.However, I can’t help feeling that you have to write a piece on church unity or organic union in GB so that all such wonderful reflections are not shared only in a close and isolated circle. Taking the observation of some of the modern saints, how can we say such good things when we remain in the sin and scandal of denominational divisions while the church is declining?

That Israel is reading my letters is great encouragement and I know Dominic sends them further which makes me think of the ripple effect of what we say, write or do. YOU might feel that your words sink like a stone without trace, but its the ripples that matter not the stone that sinks. You might feel that your words are not heard but they are being passed on across the lake and you dont know where they will finish. So keep sending the ripples with your emails and phone calls, conversations with people and questions at meetings.

My letter — and the messages other people share — is like a brick dropped in the lake from where we are and it sends out ripples that touch shorelines that we cannot see. Perhaps it is our faith as a little boat in the lake that will make the difference to the people who make decisions from the safety of dry land. If my letter is worth it please let it become a ripple as you forward it and be encouraged that your words are causing the same thing to happen.

When the disciples seem to be silent the stones could be shouting out through the ripples on the lake! We dont have to make waves to be noticed because they can cause damage where they go, but causing ripples can be a gentle touch that heals. Drop your stone in the lake and let the Spirit ripple across the water!

Harvest will be very different this year and probably the first time many people have not been able to attend a traditional service to celebrate with hymns and gifts. We are planning a service on the village green on Sunday afternoon September 27th with other churches in Broadway and will also have a visible outside display outside Church that will be put together on Monday September 21st. If anyone would like to help with that please speak to Sue Jones.

Christmas is also going to be different with no Late Night Shopping or Christmas Tree Festival so we will be considering how we can provide a visible celebration of the birth of our Lord.