How far will we go this week?

Dear Friends,

How far will we go this week?

They dont seem to have anything to show for it, but some people are stronger, wealthier and wiser than they have ever been and have less than most of us. They can have nothing, but be happier than us who have everything. They have a spiritual health and wealth that we envy.

They can appear to be weaker, poorer and far from being better off in the eyes of the world than they were before because all they have to show are the wounds of sacrifice. How can people be so wounded and live among us with the peace, joy and love that we want to touch and know is real? The very breath of such people is a comfort in our fear and fills us with a spirit — could it even be the Holy Spirit? — of hope for life beyond what we can understand!

The question that started to be asked yesterday is how far we will go to be the best we can be for God? Yesterday a small crowd followed Jesus into Jerusalem and as people asked who he was and what was happening they told him. A small group of followers were making Jesus known to those who didnt know and some who hadnt known joined the crowd so that it grew bigger and bigger. Each day people got to know Jesus better, but how far did they go down the road in growing better themselves? There are people today who get to know Jesus better and dont like what they see or dont understand what they get to know. We dont want our life turned upside down. We dont want to wash the feet of neighbours and strangers. We dont want to carry our cross like Jesus does so we abandon him, betray him and deny him BEFORE we can experience the better life to come.

The first challenge in following Jesus can be proclaiming that a grown-up man riding a humble donkey instead of a powerful warhorse is our Saviour. Imagine the mockers and scoffers laughing at such a claim and they then see him weeping as he approaches the city. What emotional nonsense? Only fools would follow such a king, but this is the depth of Love that leads us to the peace we dont understand because it is not of this world (Luke 19: 41-42). This is a witness of how much God loves the world and it makes his Son weep when we dont understand what we must do.

Everything Jesus does this week — EVERYTHING — will make us better people if we walk all the way with him, but at what point do we stop? When are we silent because of our doubts or silenced by fear of going any further so stop getting BETTER? Lets not settle for second best because if we go all the way we will stand with the BEST in the Kingdom of God and where better to be?

We might have nothing to take with us from the world, but our FAITH in following LOVE all the way through life will deliver the PEACE from heaven that is Gods will for earth. Lets travel together this week and help each other resist the temptations that can prevent us from being better than we are…..

As we were walking yesterday I saw a sheep on its knees and thought how we are called to follow the Lamb of God and give our everything for the Kingdom to come…..

Don’t forget, please, that we resume services in church on Sunday at 1030 but let me know if you would like to attend so that I can plan the seating in accordance with Covid guidelines. We will also be celebrating the ordination and induction of Elders with communion. Services will continue on Sunday mornings with Su Bailey on April 11th and Jo Williamson on the 18th followed by Synod Evangelist Nick Stanyon on the 25th.

If you are able to please host a Garden Fellowship with up to six people, including yourself, so that we can start getting together again as a church family. You can always include a neighbour or two so they can experience the love of Christ that reaches out through each of us.