Love is the greatest Manager

Dear Friends,

Love is the greatest Manager

but how patient are the crowd?

I have read in the papers and heard on the news that there is some discontent in the changing rooms at Tottenham Hotspurs and the mood of the crowd has changed.

I am sorry to use a footballing analogy as we approach Easter for those who dont follow the game, but, I am sure, even you have heard of Jose Mourinho! He, so it was said, was to be the saviourof the football club and bring them the glory they wanted. Everyone loved him when he arrived and sang his praises as the king of football!Well, at least a large crowd of Tottenham supporters did as they waved their scarves because they believed he was going to deliver the great promise of success at last. Others had their doubts. Jose was the man for the moment though because something had to change!

Something had to change when Jesus entered Jerusalem. Something has to change in the world today. Crowds of people want the change and welcome leaders who proclaim such a message, but when it doesnt happen in a hurry or as THEY want the mood can quickly change. Football managers must show their promises have substance within a few games or they can be shown the door through which they depart and someone else will enter. Prime Ministers, Presidents, Members of Parliament and leaders of all sorts can be popular when elected, but if they say or do something the crowd doesnt like they will hear about it for sure. The crowd expect to get what they want, but they dont understand the message and that it takes time and commitment to deliver the promise.

This weekend we can be like that crowd celebrating the arrival of our Saviour and singing our praises, but what will we be doing next week when we have seen and heard how Love can be angry and turn OUR Church, or football club or government, upside down? How are we going to react when we are told we are like a tree that quickly withers when we can be fruit for all seasons when our faith is strong enough? How are we going to feel when told to get on our knees and wash each others feet or spend what we cant afford on perfume that helps the dying smell good? What a waste of love when we can feed the hungry or shelter the homeless and do good from a distance instead of showing care for the person among us! The voices of the crowd that sing praises today will sing a very different song next Friday and we have often heard how people have been crucified by the press.

There is an important lesson from today and the week to come. We should not be shaped by the crowd because the will of God for which we pray is for justice and peace to come through Love which is patient and perseveres. PATIENCE with the time it takes and the people who attempt to live with the Word of God in their hearts and PERSEVERING through the persecution, frustrations, challenges and exhaustion because Love is stronger than our fear of the crowd. Love does not follow the crowd because the crowd are called to follow Love, but how far will we go on that journey?

Love is the great Manager of our life who can help us overcome the challenges we will meet — and NEVER fails. Love is the Word that promises victory and thats what we want so this weekend we celebrate the arrival of our Saviour, but when we know what we must do, and the price to pay, what will we be doing next week? Will there be discontent among the crowd because we are not seeing the results we want quickly enough……?

The Armchair Pilgrimage is planned for today and will take you through an Easter journey and out of the wilderness. You will have an opportunity to reflect on some questions including what the similarities are with Christ in the wilderness to our recent experiences? Did you feel the isolation? Do you now feel a sign of hope and an emergence from the darkness?

“The next eight days are called Holy Week commencing with Palm Sunday a week described in the URC Lent reflections as an emotional rollercoaster. Its progression takes us from the triumphant, though humble entry on a donkey, into Jerusalem, the intimate supper with His disciples, violent arrest, death on the cross on Good Friday,are words that introduce you to the Pilgrimage and if you still want a copy to follow please contact Mark or Joanne.