Living for the Dream

Dear Friends,

John 14: 1-12

Some people long for the day when they wake-up to discover they are LIVING THEIR DREAM, but most of us have forgotten our dream by the time we wake up.

I talked about LIVING THE DREAM on Sunday and then in Word for Today on Monday the reflection reminded me of my dream. YOUR DREAM HOUSE was the theme and continues tomorrow. I often forget what I did yesterday and cant remember what I must do today, but I have been waking up with a reminder of what I must do each morning. My vision is the DREAM HOUSE and my mission is how I get there.

We have an eternal house in heaven,(2 Corinthians 5: 1) Paul tells the Church in Corinth, but how do I get there? Moving house is hard work and, when all the packing is done, you need directions to your DREAM HOUSE! It isnt built by human hands, but it does need a human heart to reach it! Home is where the heart is, we say, so if our heart is on earthly things we might not live the dream.

The packing is easy because we can give everything to the poor and follow Jesus who will show us the way, but we have also been given the directions so that we will know the way to the DREAM HOUSE with many rooms! (John 14: 1-4) We dont have to build our DREAM HOUSE because God has already done that so all we have to do is follow the directions Jesus has given us to get there. God builds the house in heaven; Jesus gives directions on how to find it and the Spirit gives us strength for the journey. All we have to do each morning is wake up and remember the directions to the DREAM HOUSE and if we follow them we will get there.

It makes me realise that:

“Heaven is not a place to be taken to when the time is right, but a home to travel toward with our time on earth.


Our Dream House is at the end of a road to be travelled so why wait at the beginning of the journey when you have the directions for how to Live for the Dream!

What God really wants is for the house to be rebuilt on earth, but we have to follow Jesus on the journey to heaven before we can live that dream!

Excuse me! Can you tell me the directions to heaven?

Love. Forgiveness. Patience. Humility. Honesty. Respect. Grace…… The Father in the Son and if the Son is in us we are on the right road:  Why do we find it so hard to travel that way and LIVE FOR THE DREAM?