Protecting our lives, can lose any quality to life!

Dear Friends,

Matthew 16: 21-25

As children prepare to go back to school this week it occurs to me that Jesus was on the button with a prophesy for covid 2020 when he said that whoever tries to save their life will lose it!

We are so worried about protecting our lives that we risk losing any quality of life. We have got to get on with life and confront the things that trouble us, but I can see us like a Peter who doesnt like the idea and resists the inevitable direction we must take.

There are things we are not going to get back from the past and our cross is all the things we dont like that we are going to have to carry into the future. If we want to save what is gone we will lose the future and that is a lot of life for children!

If children could go back to school without teachers the covid risk would be minimal. Even better if children didn’t go home, but stayed at school in boarding bubbles!

There has been so much talk to re-assure parents that is it safe for children to return to school, but has everyone forgotten that they need adult supervision? What about the teachers?

We are not returning to a risk free normal life style in a hurry so I think everyone would respect an honest acknowledgement of the reality. Children of all ages need to be back in school for their own best interests and the covid risk to them is very low, but let’s not ignore the risk to teachers. They are making a front line commitment to shaping young lives for the future and for them there is a greater risk. Please, don’t underestimate the work of teachers through lockdown months gone and the new term to start.

When I said goodbye to my grandchildren and daughter last week we said our next meeting might not be until Christmas. That is the reality of children returning to school because they can catch and pass on the infection. Parents can catch the virus at the school gates or on the train or bus or in the office they return to and the risk increases with age, but the reality is we can’t hide from the risk, but must learn to manage it. Weve got to confront life as it is because there isnt another way to deal with it.

We can save our lives and lose our minds or change how we live and find new life. I suggest we change how we live so we can find the future, but it is the most radical change any generation has experienced. We all know how reluctant people are to embrace change. This is different. This time we have to change or we will lose any quality of life.

We can continue helping each other carry our crosses with humility and love or live for ourselves so we can lay claim to the world. Children have to get back to school, but dont ignore the risks of helping them get there! We all have to confront the new reality responsibly and not hide from it. Us grandparents are going to lose a big part of our lives so we have to help each other find ways of maintaining a quality to life! The younger generation have to get on with life and so do the older ones, but in a different way, and there is the challenge of managing the new reality. We dont want to protect lives at the expense of quality of life which is why our Look After Yourself outreach activity will start again this week and why we must confront the challenges of the new reality not hide.

God Bless, Richard