Love is flowing like a river!

Dear Friends,

Love is flowing like a river!

This morning I share an image of a river flowing through the wilderness and if we follow it there will always be water by our side providing the refreshment we need.

I hope you can see that river leading through the wilderness because it overflows with living waters where there is always a welcome for you to stop for a refreshing drink or cooling rinse. If we follow the river we will never be thirsty and at the end of it we will find that Love is as vast as an ocean!

We have been walking through the Covid wilderness for a year and I hope you can see the ocean ahead. If not, for numerous different reasons, keep following the river because it traces the direction to walk through the wilderness and we need never be thirsty, or feel dirty.

If anyone is thirsty, come to me and drink,says our great River of Love. (John 7: 37) Whoever believes in me will never be thirsty and streams of living water will flow from within them.

I pray we are not tempted to stop before we reach the ocean because as long as the river keeps flowing we are called to keep on travelling because Love is deeper than the oceans and wider than the seas. So I have a vision of the Kingdom of God being like the ocean because the river will not be able to contain the living waters that flow from within all of us.

When we are in the wilderness demanding miracles to feed the hungry and water for the thirsty remember that Jesus says: I am the Bread of Life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.(John 6: 35) His words are our daily bread and he is the River of Love that leads to the ocean . so keep travelling because he is always beside you if you follow the River through the wilderness!

Thank you, Lord, that —

Love is flowing like a river

flowing out through you and me,

spreading out into the desert,

setting all the captives free

(reaching to the deepest sea)

I didnt know, did you?

We are one of the churches that has given support to the new Environmental Policy of the West Midlands Synod. Forty three out of 108 churches in the Synod have registered to seek A Rocha Eco accreditation and five have received a Silver Award while we are one of nine to have received the Bronze Award, in addition to a Bronze for the Synod Office.

The West Midlands Synod has pledged to act urgently to reduce incrementally carbon emissions caused on Synod business, including its meetings, committees and task groups with the aim of net zero emissions for Synod activities by 2040 or earlier. That could include more Synod business and meetings through video conferencing so what a wonderful blessing Zoom could be!!

The Synod has also pledged to work to ensure that all buildings under its control will become environmentally friendly through appropriate energy-saving technologies and using renewable energy sources wherever possible.

The Synod will build upon its habit of recycling wherever possible, and move to embed good practices with regard to reducing its waste stream through applying the principles of Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair and Recycle.

How can we adopt these pledges into our daily activity at home and Church and encourage the community to do the same?

Synod considered a statement on Modern Day Slavery at their meeting and adopted a policy that we should all be aware of. Slavery is a complex and ever evolving crime that could be happening on our doorstep without us realising and we must adopt a zero-tolerance approach. We need to raise awareness of the concerns in our own country and learn from the experiences of our global partner in India. More on this on another occasion!

The Annual Church meeting takes place on Thursday evening at 7pm.

God bless, Richard