🌼 When our old attitudes pass away

Dear Friends,

🌺 When our old attitudes pass away

our mother’s tears will be wiped away! 🌺

Revelation 21: 1-5

The Christ I see today was inspired by the words of my daughter, Laura, as a 4-year old.

I then wrote her words into my own reflection:

If we welcome Jesus when we welcome a man, then Jesus is living in my daddy.

If we welcome Jesus when we welcome a woman, then Jesus lives in my mummy.

If we welcome Jesus when we welcome a child, then Jesus lived in me as a baby.

So why is everyone waiting for Jesus when we can look and see him living already?

(from Matthew 10: 40)

If we listen to every man we will hear Jesus speaking through our daddy !

If we listen to every woman we will hear Jesus speaking through our mummy !

If we listen to every child we will hear Jesus speaking through the cry of a baby!

So why don’t we welcome everyone and listen to God telling us our story?

(Luke 10: 16)

The Kingdom of God that we seek is a place where new attitudes will wipe away every tear from our eyes because there is no more need for women to cry for justice, or mothers to grieve the loss of children or feel the pain of domestic violence. There will be no such thing as racial injustice, sexism or ageism for the old attitudes of earth will be replaced by those of heaven! Let me have my vision, please, shaped by my daughter nearly 30 years ago, in which the attitude of Jesus comes alive in us all.

When that happens the will of God will be done on earth as in heaven and every woman will feel safe on the streets and no mother will see her child suffering, a neighbour crying or best friend mourning for the old attitudes will have been dispersed to be replaced by God’s presence in our hearts.

We can sometimes complain that the bible is sexist, but perhaps when God dwells with us MEN and lives within us we will be united with the Christ already visible in our women. I imagine after creating men God must have looked at the faults in the first model of humanity so that women were an improvement and able to be a helper for the original! Like the development of computers the later models can do more at the same time, plan better and have a greater ability to save with the Word document programmed by Jesus!

I can reflect on many bible texts, but another that comes to mind is the Jesus prayers (John 17) that we be as one as the Father and Son are One! Before we can think of uniting our denominations as ONE the first step we have neglected to take is for men and and woman to learn from each and become as One! Until we do that the Kingdom of God will always be near, but no nearer!

I don’t think that Jesus means any MAN you welcome is a welcome for him; or any MAN you listen to is to hear him speak. ANYONE you welcome or listen to is a welcome for Jesus so that, surely, means woman, man, child, black, brown or white and any other difference you choose to consider. We also can’t see Jesus in the hungry and thirsty MAN and neglect the homeless and sick WOMEN who are prisoners of injustice (Matthew 25: 31-46).

My daughter is now a mother for two beautiful children and I hope she remembers her simple childlike theology so she can pass it on to them. Oh, and her husband too so that they can be united as One to learn from each other and nurture a new family attitude that will bring the Kingdom closer!

God Bless, Richard.