YOUR little makes miracles happen

Dear Friends,

YOUR little makes miracles happen

John 6: 5-13

I was about seven years old when I was given a clip round the ear and sent to my bedroom when I came home from the corner shop without the bread and milk I had been sent to buy. I would like to say I had given the shopping to someone in need, but I had lost the money I had been given and as a family we couldnt afford to lose it!

I often wonder what happened to the little boy in Johns gospel when he arrived home without the loaves and the fishes he had been sent to buy. At first his family might have been relieved to see him home safe and sound because he would have been late, but when he didnt have the food.!? Or did he return home with enough to feed the family for a month rather than a week! He probably got a clip round the ear and sent to bed for stealing as much as he could carry home! Who was going to believe that the family meal fed 5,000? Yes, the little boy might have got an extra clip round the ear for telling lies!

Where there are miracles today it is because people recognise that their little can contribute to making big things happen! The everyday miracles are happening when YOUR love becomes justice in action as you share what you have to help people belong to Gods amazing diverse family of humanity. You dont need a lot to look after a community because the love you share with your neighbour can be passed on from neighbour to neighbour to feed 5,000 neighbours. All you need is LOVE! Dont expect other people to perform miracles without YOUR little contribution to the bigger story.

YOUR loaves and fishes are needed to help care for the earth because every little bit you do can help. YOUR loaves and fishes can be telephone calls that help people overcome the impossible challenges of sickness, poverty, worry, fear and many other adversities.. YOUR loaves and fishes is that little bit of love that can go a long way to making the miracles happen. I believe in miracles so dont measure yourself against the miracle makers and feel you dont do enough, but know that without your little the miracles dont happen!

It is Racial Justice Sunday in the Church calendar this week and Valentines Day and the two go together well in LOVE. So many people are longing to feel that they belong in the one family of God so why don’t we make it happen?

To love God is to love everyone with your everything. To love everyone with your everything is to do anything and go anywhere for the ones we love. We will climb mountains to find our love; we will go up and down them for the ones we love and we will do it everyday for anyone with our love for everyone! To love God is to love everyone so we dont exclude anyone from the love of God who lives inside everyone. If thats too confusing remember that God made everyone so if there is someone you dont love because of who they are or what they look like then it is God you neglect to love. If you cant see God the best thing to do is love everyone with your everything and then you will meet God with your love which is justice in daily action. Climbing mountains isnt easy but we will go up and down everyday to find and feed the ones we love with God in everyone, everywhere and needing our everything so we can all belong together in a Kingdom built on….. LOVE!

The following encouragement is from the West Midlands News Bulletin:

I wonder what you are hoping for? Are you hoping for a swift end to the current restrictions? Are you hoping for church buildings to reopen before Easter? What we hope for as Christians is an important question.

There is a lot happening in our world that is challenging right now, in a whole variety of ways. Many feel the pain of isolation and loneliness, many are missing the opportunity for physical connections with others, others face increased uncertainty over employment and future income, far too many face ill-heath due to this pandemic and sadly many have experienced the loss of those whom they hold dear. Young people have uncertainty over education provision and how their work will be examined and graded. Some have been scapegoated as super-spreadersof the disease and accused of not following the rules closely enough. Research suggests many are suffering untold damage to their mental health over recent months.

But within us there remains something to hope for. Sometimes when we speak of what we hope for that has a sense on uncertainty, such as those included above. There is of course a certainty within the Biblical idea of hope, that we can be certain of who God is and what God has done and will do.

Prayers for Naomi and Margaret Charlesworth who have both had falls.

For Derek who was rushed into hospital with pneumonia and Judith.

That Margarets granddaughter, Emma, continues her recovery from Covid.

For friends and family of John Graham who died last week

For Pam John and June Susan Nuttall Shirley Caddy Kathy Hancocks Frank and Christine

For Thursdays Church Meeting and for discussions to be Spirit filled

God Bless, Richard